How to really burn fat without putting on the pounds

How to really burn fat without putting on the pounds

The holy Grail of weight loss is burning fat, instead of putting it on your middle and all over your body.

And it turns out that you can actually burn fat. Through the miracle of mitochondrial uncoupling.

Let me explain using a simple analogy.

Let’s say that you’re running a kitchen, and someone keeps delivering fuel oil to power your stove.

You can only cook so much food, but they keep delivering more and more barrels of fuel oil that you cannot use.

Your kitchen is filling up with fuel oil, so it’s spelling out all over the place, and your basement is filled with fuel oil, in your attic is filled with barrels of fuel oil. You have so much fuel oil you cannot possibly use.

Now, imagine that you have a bright idea to “burn fat”

You have a small incinerator in your kitchen, that you used to just burn trash. But now, you take these barrels of extra fuel oil, and you simply pour them in the incinerator. And you light it.

And the incinerator burns up these barrels of fuel oil, and they generate heat and smoke which goes up out of the chimney and out of your kitchen.

In our analogy, the kitchen represents the mitochondria, the small organs inside each of our cells, that create energy.

Burning that fuel is like mitochondria uncoupling.

It allows us to burn sugar and fat in our bodies, instead of putting it in our fat cells.

All creatures great and small are capable of mitochondria uncoupling.

But humans don’t normally do it.

If you could get your metabolism into a mitochondria uncoupling mode, you will burn 300 or 400% more fat than you actually use.

You’ll be a little warmer, and all that food, instead of packing on the pounds, will simply disappear as heat and carbon back side with your exhaled breath. Just like the heat in the chimney in our imaginary kitchen analogy.

The drug companies are working feverishly on mitochondria uncoupling drugs

But there have already been very safe drugs discovered that accomplish mitochondria uncoupling.

For example, all nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs except for Tylenol are capable of triggering mitochondria uncoupling.

And it doesn’t take much either:

(Good news for coffee drinkers also: Caffeine can actually accomplish mitochondrial uncoupling also, in higher doses.)

But the best of all is aspirin.

Aspirin can be taken in reasonable doses, safely, and not only can accomplish mitochondria uncoupling but can actually heal the gut.

That is a special trick, and there are no big Pharma companies that are particularly interested because aspirin is so cheap.

But now you know a big secret of fat loss, mitochondria uncoupling, second let you effortlessly burn fat, instead of putting it around your middle.

As this study points out, aspirin achieved fat burning mitochondria decoupling and Aspirin caused no inflammation or ulcers.