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  • Discover one unusual practice, a simple tweak to making love that delivers more pleasure and more satisfaction than the old way of doing things, whether you have a high sex drive or not, whether you have great erections or not — and it works for men who may have been told sex was out of the cards, or men who have physical limitations or medical problems…And I think you’ll find that things keep getting more and more pleasurable the more you use this one unusual practice…And as you’ll soon find out, women absolutely LOVE this! (page 184)
  • These are the top 5 reasons why couples stop having sex, and #3 is quite shocking…However, once you understand why this is happening from both sides of the bed, you can easily rekindle your physical relationship — and I’m showing you exactly how with my new little system that works great for me and thousands of couples….Here’s how to have sex every day or every other day especially when “his” drive is high and “hers” is not… (page 49)
  • 6 things that you can do as soon as today to amp up your sex life and ensure your body is in peak condition for sex. Do 1 of these every morning, only takes 3 to 5 minutes to promote good blood flow, protect a high libido, maintain lasting power, and more so that your body is always primed for intercourse, until 100 or 120 and beyond… (page 23)

  • 7-second switch that instantly makes you more attractive in the eyes of your partner, increases the feeling of closeness and intimacy, and leads to many years of enjoying sex 4 or more times a week…(page 17)
  • 5 delicious, natural foods that can help a woman overcome the symptoms of menopause and help maintain and even increase her drive, without drugs or medical interventions. These foods work by giving the body key nutrients needed to produce one important hormone that most women are deficient in, one important hormone that decreases stress and makes this transitional period in a woman’s life easier and less disruptive to your sexual relationship… (page 46)
  • Unique sex positions that are easier on sore, painful joints, bad backs, or larger bellies that deliver even more pleasure for both of you and allow you to last even longer, enhancing your sexual experience and deepening your intimate connection… (page 160)

  • Let me introduce you to one hormone that is more powerful than testosterone for producing vein-busting erections and intense arousal — and how easy it is to naturally boost this one hormone to intensify that “in love” feeling you have or once had with your wife or girlfriend… I’m calling it the Pillow Talk method… (page 5)
  • Hear from sexually active women in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond who are enjoying sex more now than they ever did before, and what their partners are doing to keep them interested, fully satisfied, and craving more… (page 96)
  • Do you feel nervous before a sexual encounter? Do you feel that this nervousness sometimes ruins it for you? Well now you are discovering the one harmful hormone that surges in a man’s brain, even if he doesn’t want it to, and ruins performance…I’m now revealing how to lower this harmful hormone that uses what is called “self talk” — so even if you are telling yourself that won’t perform, you actually WILL perform…belief has no effect on this self-talk method and it works even if you “secretly” know that you won’t perform… (page 70)

  • Try out this simple rewiring method for the most sensational, pleasurable orgasms you’ve ever experienced. This is the answer for men who aren’t getting morning wood, suffering from a low drive, or struggling with ED — because the way this rewiring method works is by reconnecting your brain and your penis, making you feel so much more and naturally restoring things again (and it works for both married and single men)…Use this to follow in the footsteps of men like Paul, a 65-year-old man who is dating a beautiful younger woman and having exciting, passionately pleasurable sex every day… (page 82)
  • Did you know that many men leak out their sexual energy 20 or 30 times per day that kill their drive and ruin their performance with a woman? Stopping the sexual leakage leads to incredibly strong erections that persist over many minutes…and even if you come, you can be ready much sooner, often in 10 or 15 minutes to go again…and then again… (page 84)
  • Use this frenulum exercise to naturally increase sensitivity and feeling in your penis, so that every touch and every stroke results in intense pleasure that you feel not just in your penis, but in your whole body… This is a way to feel sexual pleasure all day long, having as many orgasms as you want. Thanks to this, there’s no limit anymore… (page 86)

  • I’ve discovered the male “G spot” that when touched, sends men into a powerful, full-body orgasm. Most men have no idea this one pleasure point even exists — but when they experience this kind of pleasure once, they want it again and again…it just feels so good! You can use your hands, a toy, or you can get your wife or girlfriend to assist you… (page 88)
  • There’s one special entry technique I’ve discovered that is helping men of all ages have satisfying intercourse with a woman whether they have an erection or not. This entry technique still feels really good for you (and her), and doing it often helps restore erections again over time. So the more you do it, the better things get! (page 90)
  • Did you know that there’s one bad habit most men are doing at least once a week when they’re alone that leads to 80% or more sensation loss in the penis? It’s true and it can make it much harder for men to get a boner or even get aroused at all — but once you cut this one bad habit out of your routine, you will start restoring sensitivity and possibly even increase your sensitivity to new heights while protecting your natural function and your drive… (page 256)

  • Hear from real men who are living life on the Oxytocin Path, having sex with a strong love connection every day or every other day with their wives or girlfriends, even in their 60s, 80s, and beyond, and the one single thing they are all doing to stay on this healthy and sexy Oxytocin Path for decades to come… (page 110)
  • Look at studies I’ve uncovered proving how much sex impacts health and longevity, especially for men. These are studies that Big Pharma prays you never see, because they reveal natural methods for maintaining a healthy sex life that often work better than their drugs or surgeries… (page 28)
  • If your wife or girlfriend ever tells you sex hurts or is uncomfortable, there are 2 things you can do to restore pleasure for her and make sex enjoyable again. These 2 things don’t require you to buy anything, learn anything, or even go out of your way at all. Just incorporate these 2 things into your relationship to get sex feeling great for her again as soon as tonight…and she will welcome your penis and it won’t hurt her but it will pleasure her now… (page 21)

  • Watch out for these 7 common medications that can kill a woman’s natural libido, dry her up inside, and make sex painful or uncomfortable. Most women are taking at least one of these medications by the time they’re 50 years old and doctors almost never tell women about these unfortunate side effects… (page 119)
  • This is how men are keeping naturally high and healthy testosterone levels into their 90s and beyond — and it’s NOT with Big Pharma drugs, gels, or injections. You’ll find simple tweaks that these men are making to their diet and lifestyle that you can copy at home to naturally boost testosterone and keep it high long-term, including 7 delicious foods that naturally raise T… (page 126)
  • Beware these household items containing toxins that hurt men’s natural testosterone production and raise harmful estrogen. These toxins absorb into men’s bodies and hurt Leydig cells which produce T. If you cut this toxin out of your life, you can protect your testosterone levels and reduce harmful estrogen for decades to come… (page 131)

  • This one 10-minute “exercise” can warm up your metabolism, lead to leaner muscles, and boost your T. I’ve found many men who do this every day or at least 3 times a week and are in excellent health with higher T levels than most teenage boys. And it’s great for men with physical limitations or medical restrictions — any man can do this easy exercise to get all the benefits and more… (page 137)
  • I’ve found one toy that many couples are using to make sex more fun and more pleasurable for them both. It’s hugely popular because of how easy it is to use and how good it makes both partners feel. Even better, men don’t need an erection to use this toy and have great sex. (page 141)
  • Discover what 54% of men and 42% of women want in “ever after” relationships where commitment and monogamy is respected. If you fulfill this one desire, you’re practically guaranteeing that you will be enjoying a satisfying sexual relationship until 120 or beyond… (page 144)

  • 5 techniques men and women can use to reignite the passion and “fan the fire” on their sexual relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together or how long it’s been since you felt that “giddy, in-love” feeling…Try just one of these techniques and let me know how it goes. So far, men are loving these, especially #5… (page 147)
  • I’ve talked to real women in their 20s and 30s who love dating older men, and I’m revealing the top 3 things they look for when choosing a man to take home and make love to… For single men, if you pay attention to these 3 things, you’ll find that younger women come to YOU, there’s nothing you even have to do… (page 151)

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Surely there must be an easier, more natural way to transform my health and get back great erections.

So I did the only thing I could think of… I started reading dozens of scientific studies a day…

I began learning from experts, studying other brilliant health researchers from decades past and trying their discoveries.

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And now, I’m in my 60s, in excellent health, taking zero Big Pharma drugs…

My T levels are nearly 900, my blood pressure is 120/70, I have perfect blood sugar and my metabolism hums like a teenager’s…

And better yet, I’m enjoying terrific erections. In fact, sexually, things with my lovely wife, Jodi, are better than ever.

Many of my friends and family are eager to tell us how much we act like newlyweds…

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So when my friends and family started asking for our secrets, I decided to start sharing my discoveries with any man who wants them!

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Where you’ll find discoveries like:

  • The number one food ingredient that you may want to avoid…it affects male hormones and can actually harm your health if you eat it too often…(page 178)
  • What I discovered about the longest living people on Earth — two secret foods they eat, and one secret they ALL avoid. These are men routinely living past 100. I have done detailed research and discovered some startling facts that gave me great ideas on how I plan to live decades longer…(page 16)
  • My blood sugar used to creep up…but not anymore. Now I started to eat a little differently at breakfast, and my blood sugars went from 120 to 88 in the morning…(page 206)
  • I stumbled onto the #1 killer that is destroying men’s health and function, and shortening his lifespan by decades. This is something most doctors never talk about, but it’s the most important thing to avoid if you are trying to extend lifespan, improve health, and increase happiness…(page 28)
  • In my book, I’m showing men how I discovered the key to supporting a healthy prostate… and it’s not expensive, it’s not complicated — it even feels good! (page 69)
  • After years trying traditional blood pressure treatments and feeling sicker and sicker, I found what is working for me to naturally maintain 110/80 blood pressure consistently and avoid side effects…(page 97)
  • I suffered from terrible problems with my function for many, many years…until I finally perfected this sensitivity exercise that has restored full function and is even helping me improve my lasting power…(page 159)
  • Having good, high testosterone is helpful to men. Here’s the story of how I raised my testosterone and got a much better hormone profile as a man (page 249)
  • I found certain fats that can improve all markers of health in men, with regular consumption. I am showing you how to eat these fats if you want to improve your male hormone profile and feel better…(page 142)
  • In my book, I talk about possibly dangerous medications that you may want to discuss with your doctor. My doctor was flabbergasted when I showed him some of these studies… and he can’t argue with the results I’m getting now using natural methods…(page 101)
  • I was exercising too hard… so instead, I do THIS — much more fun and pleasurable, and it is hopefully adding decades of healthy lifespan I can look forward to…(page 234)
  • Why losing weight the right way made all my health problems better — I love the thinner me. And nothing else ever worked. The secret was NOT in eating fewer calories, or cutting carbs, or skipping meals. Here’s what has worked for me…(page 215)
  • I regularly use a simple blue dye that has been known for 150 years to help cells generate energy more efficiently…(page 223)
  • I found that cholesterol is needed for the male body to create all the steroid hormones including testosterone. So I discovered a way to help increase the body’s natural conversion of cholesterol into testosterone for sky high T…(page 115)
  • …and so much more!

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Drugs for Pennies on the Dollar

Here is exactly how my family uses a secret loophole to get the same, safe, pure drugs they could get at my neighborhood pharmacy, for a fraction of the cost.

Boost Your Appetite for Your Wife with This Apéritif

I’ve come up with a 5 O’Clock Cocktail that stimulates my drive and gives me a huge appetite for my wife. It contains a few forgotten nutrients that my body needs for a teenage drive, nutrients that are best consumed in liquid form BEFORE I eat dinner…

5-Minute Joint Pain Relief

My whole family uses this safe joint pain relief that’s over 100 years old, but only recently rediscovered. This formula uses ingredients found in virtually any kitchen cupboard…

How to Make Her Your Loyal, Loving Girlfriend

One of my buddies has been single for a while and is finally feeling ready to settle down with one good woman… so all he did was Ask a Girl This One Question and now she’s his forever! It’s all up to him, thanks to this. It gives him all the power…

Virus Fighting Protocol

I’ve been using my very own Flu and Virus protocol to stay healthy during these trying times. I’ve also shared it with my family and friends who want to boost their natural immunity to avoid sickness.

Hole New Worlds

I’m showing you the 3 Foolproof Techniques I’m using to get my wife not only saying yes, but excited to try out new things with me, even if she’s said no before.

5 Foods for 20-Year-Old Testosterone

I’ve discovered 5 delicious foods that have been helping me double and even get close to tripling my current testosterone levels. Right now, thanks to these foods, my T is higher than a 20-something year old boy!

Speed to Meet

I’m sharing my 48 Hours or Less Method that my single friends are using to move from the app to their bedroom in record time. But fair warning, they’re using this at their own personal risk! I told them, “don’t be surprised when you get girls knocking on your door at all hours of the night.” And now they understand!

God’s Baking Soda Miracle

Most people have no idea that this seemingly ordinary white powder has incredible health properties, and it costs less than $1 for a whole pound! This is a completely natural remedy put here on Earth by God himself.

Right Under Her Nose

I’ve perfected a 15-Second Hygiene Habit that makes me smell particularly appealing to women! In fact, it gets women approaching me all the time. My wife gets mad when women hit on me in the grocery store or come up to me at the bank. But it’s not my fault, it’s my scent!

Masculinity Robbers: Avoiding Toxins Hidden in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

I was mind blown when I discovered things I’ve never, ever been told about drinking water, including how bottled water may be the WORST kind of water a man can drink. I’m sharing everything I’ve uncovered about the power of quality drinking water — including the key: avoiding terrible toxins hiding in most kitchens and bathrooms…

Prostate Solution Bible

There are so many natural treatments men can use to keep their prostate healthy and happy, without resorting to dangerous drugs or surgeries. I’ve compiled all the best natural prostate remedies I’ve been using in one place for other men to see.

PLUS many more bonus reports, some of an extremely intimate nature, especially for couples…

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