Why these men are 3x more likely to get Alzheimer’s

This 1 common ailment makes men more at risk

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—-Important Message from Dr. Steven Masley—-

3 brain-agers that hurt memory and may lead to dementia

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Hey there, I’m Dr. Steven Masley…

…and my entire life and career has been focused on improving and preserving brain function.

Through extensive research and trials, plus meeting thousands of patients – I’ve found that there are 3 key brain-agers

These baddies can sneak around the body and rob men of brainpower…

Do your mind and memory a favor and check this out — are you protecting yourself from these 3 brain-agers?


Why these men are 3x more likely to get Alzheimer’s

Matt Cook here, and the American medical system is slowly catching on that many diseases have the same root cause.

But it’s a painful process. And it’s happening far too slowly for me.

It’s just so freakin’ profitable for Big Pharma to treat each disease as a completely separate thing instead of fixing the problem.

Add that to the cultural expectation that there is a tablet to fix everything, and it’s amazing that causes ever get studied at all… …or that you can get any advice to help you with the root cause of the symptoms that are making you sick.

That’s why we’re so lucky with this study.

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There have been experts who have noticed that metabolic disorders like pre-diabetes and diabetes are closely linked to dementia and Alziehmer’s.

And some treatments used to treat diabetes – like metformin – also seem to reduce the risk of Alziehmer’s.NOTE: Metformin is not all unicorns that poop rainbows.

It has a couple of side effects that can be pretty serious, so always make sure to weigh the pros and cons of any treatment you take.

This study of British civil servants published in JAMA draws some interesting conclusions about Alziehmer’s and type 2 diabetes.

This is a great piece of research because it’s both long, 1985 to 2019, and big.

It covered over 10,000 volunteers. Which is quite extensive.

What they found was that people WITH diabetes have almost a 3 times higher rate of getting Alzeihmer’s versus those that didn’t have diabetes.

Dementia rates per 1000 person-years were 8.9 in participants without diabetes at age 70 years, and rates were 10.0 per 1000 person-years for participants with diabetes onset up to 5 years earlier, 13.0 for 6 to 10 years earlier, and 18.3 for more than 10 years earlier.

Not only did folks get dementia more frequently when they had diabetes…

…but the earlier they got diabetes the more likely they were to get dementia.

In this longitudinal cohort study with a median follow-up of 31.7 years, younger age at onset of diabetes was significantly associated with higher risk of subsequent dementia.

Now, this study only measured people with full type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes, defined as a fasting blood glucose level greater than or equal to 126 mg/dL at clinical examination, physician-diagnosed type 2 diabetes, use of diabetes medication, or hospital record of diabetes between 1985 and 2019.

But I can almost guarantee that pre-diabetes has similar, if not quite as severe, correlations.

That’s because both of these diseases have the same underlying cause – chronic internal inflammation.

And according to the World Health Organization, chronic inflammation is the biggest killer of people in the world.

Chronic inflammatory diseases are the most significant cause of death in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks chronic diseases as the greatest threat to human health.

Weirdly though, almost no one in the Western health community even addresses chronic inflammation.

It’s infuriating. Especially because it impacts us so much.

Worldwide, 3 of 5 people die due to chronic inflammatory diseases like stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

That’s why I spend so much of my time teaching men how to reduce chronic inflammation in their bodies.

Because when you do that your health will most likely improve dramatically.

It’s really worth paying attention to.

—-Important Message for Getting Rid of Excess Inflammation—-

This “sippy cup activity” stops inflammation by kick starting the body into burning sugar again

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Do you know what the #1 difference is between healthy, youthful men and men who are sick and tired all the time?

Strangely enough, it has to do with sugar.

Because young, healthy people burn sugar for energy. Old sick people burn fat for energy.

Fat burning increases bad stress hormones that lead to chronic inflammation.

And chronic inflammation leads to disease!

Luckily, I’ve found a super simple “sippy cup activity” that kick starts a man’s body into burning sugar again.

It reverses chronic inflammation, lowers stress hormones, and can even prevent disease.

It’s even helping men reverse diabetes symptoms, and bringing back erections in a big way!

Here’s the “sippy cup activity” that kickstarts a man’s body into burning sugar again — discover how to use it at home


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