Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Process

There are a lot of poorly done, biased studies. We work only with established scientifically valid studies.

There is a ton of health information out on the Internet.

Most of it is heavily biased and often has little validity. Sometimes the most widely-reported studies turn out to be the worst ones.

Examples abound. The most prominent were 17 studies that recommended drug-company-produced hormone replacement therapy for women. A better study found that the recommendations were bad, and that women on HRT were dying of heart attacks.

We believe that many of today’s health studies are part of medical and health fads. And that over time they will be shown to be invalid — just like the women’s HRT studies.

Therefore, we pledge to use principles of medicine and health that are proven over the past 100 years, to check studies before we bring them to your attention.

If a study seems to be part of a fad, and if it fails to be consistent with the past 100 years of discoveries, we won’t be bringing it to your attention.

Further, we work on studies of special interest to men. Male health is a special focus of ours. Male health includes prostate problems, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, erectile dysfunction and other diseases that men get. Our focus is on helping men. Sometimes we may get a little “down and dirty” in that process — as we want men to relate to our health content.

Lastly, our focus is finding ways to avoid doctors, avoid surgeries and procedures, and avoid drugs, if at all possible. We believe that a well-educated man who visits his doctor is better than a man ignorant of his options.

Our mission is to find these studies of special interest to men, studies that meet our filters, and apply them to you so you can see how they can make you healthier, sexier and more fit and happy.


Our Content Creation Process

Our editorial team includes scientists and health researchers who examine studies full time.

Then we use scientific theories proven over the past 100 years as a filter, and bring you the best of the best. Often the study we show you has been ignored, censored, buried or maybe even forgotten — and yet it is very, very important to your health and wellbeing.

Our process ensures accuracy and lively debate

We ensure it through our seven-step editorial process:

  1. Research
  2. Evaluate – does it fit into the last 100 years of science, or is it a fad or drug-company promotion?
  3. Write and Edit
  4. Health Science Review and Fact Check
  5. Copy Edit
  6. Publish
  7. Review and Update.

Our Team of Experts

Our content is produced by a small editorial team of scientists and health researchers.

Matt Cook is the editor-in-chief. Matt is a full time health researcher and has been researching health for men for over 26 years. He is a recognized expert in male health and has been interviewed by ABC News.

Our editorial team has zero influence from drug companies. We do not bow to the fads of the latest and greatest expensive treatments.


Our Robust Review Process

Our fact-checking process involves viewing original studies, not just abstracts, and checking the validity of the studies.

We believe that alternative views of treatment for men are essential and our mission is to bring those alternative views to the attention of men. So men have options they can discuss with their doctors.

Our Writers

Our writers are selected for their knowledge and breadth of science and medicine over the past 100 years.

They must be knowledgeable in the areas of men’s health, sexuality, hormonal wellness, as well as the most common pathologies that affect men.

We look at each article a number of times before it is published. All articles are about specific studies, and the studies are checked before publication even after the writer has finished his or her work.

Completely based upon studies and proven science

Our articles are ALL based upon specific studies. Each article has snippets of the study, presented so it is easy for a layperson to understand, but free from any bias.

We only use primary studies, never secondary or tertiary sources. You will find only peer-reviewed studies, not articles written by journalists or others.

Every article includes the studies used in the article so that anyone can read the original study.

Science and health is built upon a robust past

Our aim is to provide the studies of most interest to men — and often these may be studies done years ago.

Our writers regularly review the current literature, but we believe that a coherent body of work for men must not be built around fads.

We believe that a vast number of the most current studies are done in order to further the marketing of drugs and expensive medical procedures. Our aim is to educate a man to know his options, and many times those options are not the ones presented by the latest “me too” drug or new expensive procedure.

Our Style

We follow a style meant to be readable by a smart seventh grader according to the Flesch-Kincaid grade level scale of readability.

We also often use lingo that men relate to, in furtherance of our goal to be accessible and friendly. Sometimes we write about very advanced or difficult topics, and we always try to simplify but never dumb down what we are writing.

Our philosophy overall

We want men to be healthy and happy and live a long, long time without needing to resort to medical procedures or drugs.

We recognize that medicine can prolong life and we never try to get a man to do anything without consulting his medical professional first.

Our role is to present views of alternative medicine, outside the mainstream, that are grounded in studies and backed up by the past 100 years of science and health research.

We want men to be so healthy that when they do to the doctor, the doctor says, “whatever you are doing, keep doing it!”

Your Feedback Is Welcome

Please let us know how we are doing. Email us at [email protected] and the publisher personally will read your email and respond.