Are you making this mistake when texting a woman?

Most men don’t realize they’re making this mistake

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Are you making this mistake when texting a woman?

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I’ve been working with world-famous dating coach, Jonathan Green, to come up with a way to text girls into bed.

And while we’re studying all the different texts men send to girls, suddenly I realize…

Most men are making the same mistake when texting a woman.

And they don’t even know it’s a mistake.

But it’s totally crushing their chances with the girl with just a few keystrokes.

Luckily, with this texting method we’ve come up with, now it’s easy to text a girl and get her into bed with you.

We’ve made it as simple as copy/paste.

Here’s the 3 day text method and why it works so well — can be used with wives, girlfriends, and girls you just met very effectively


Here’s a safe way to get more healthy UVB rays — can help protect against cancer

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Matt Cook here, and sunlight is super essential if you want to be a healthy, virile man.

You might be forgiven for thinking the opposite – given all the anti-sun propaganda we have received in the last few decades…

But sunlight is made up of many different wavelengths of light.

Red, infrared, blue, and ultraviolet wavelengths all play critical roles in human biology.

Ultraviolet-B (UVB) for example, helps to regulate the immune system, decrease inflammation, and synthesize vitamin D.

This lowers the risk of a number of different cancers.

UVB shows a strong association with the most common cancer – colorectal cancer.

People who get less UVB exposure from sunlight have higher rates of colorectal cancer.

Recent research shows that this effect is stronger in people over 45 years old.

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The work was carried out at the University of California at San Diego. The findings are published in BMC Public Health.

The production of vitamin D triggered by the UVB fraction of sunlight is one of the major anti-cancer effects of sunlight exposure.

“Vitamin D has been identified as a potential protective factor in the development of colorectal cancer.”

Vitamin D deficiency is almost certainly a major cause of colorectal cancer.

And the effects of vitamin D deficiency increase over time.

This means that older folks may be more likely to develop colorectal cancer because they may have had vitamin D deficiency for a longer time period.

“We expect a strong association with low UVB exposure and colorectal cancer with increasing age.”

The research was designed to see if there is any evidence to support this hypothesis.

To find out more, the researchers analyzed data taken from dozens of countries all around the world.

These are countries who could provide high-quality records of colorectal cancer diagnosis.

The researchers also estimated human UVB exposure from all of these countries.

This was created using information on latitude, cloud cover, air pollution, etc.

None of these datasets are perfect, but the vast information contained in this research is enough to give useful results.

The researchers put all of their information into a computer model which was designed to look for potential differences in colorectal cancer diagnosis according to UVB exposure from sunlight.

This exact analysis has been performed before – and these researchers found similar results to those reported previously

People who live in countries with lower UVB exposure from sunlight have higher rates of colorectal cancer.

What is new about this research was the stratification of the data according to age.

The researchers uncovered evidence that older people are even more likely to develop colorectal cancer when they have less exposure to UVB from sunlight.

“The inverse association between colorectal cancer and UVB exposure was more significant for age groups above 45 years.”

It is important for everyone to get some sunlight exposure on bare skin, without sunblock – it seems even more important as we get older.

“The age-dependent inverse association between UVB exposure and colorectal cancer exhibits a greater effect among older age groups in a global analysis.”

The research shows that much of this effect is due to vitamin D levels.

UVB is the fraction of sunlight which triggers the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin.

“Studying the effect of chronic vitamin D deficiency in colorectal cancer will help understanding the necessity for vitamin D deficiency screening programs, especially in regions with low UVB exposure.”

The benefits of sunlight exposure were known 1000s of years ago.

The mechanisms of vitamin D were crudely understood decades ago.

It seems remarkable that today researchers are still publishing papers calling for further studies to assess the need for vitamin D supplementation food fortification – but here we are.

“Further studies are needed to assess the need for selective supplementation and food fortification of vitamin D.”

Sunlight is not the demon we have been taught to believe it is.

Just be smart about it – get some sunlight on bare skin – but don’t get sunburned.

—-Important Message About Getting More Vitamin D—-

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Could age increase the strength of inverse association between ultraviolet B exposure and colorectal cancer?