Most diabetics are low in thyroid — here’s how to possibly fix it

The thyroid gland and the thyroid hormone it creates (along with the liver) is the master of metabolic rate.

If your thyroid is low, your metabolism is low.

When your metabolism is low, you get fat easily. You lose weight with great difficulty. And you don’t feel very good. You’re not very potent. Here not very manly.

Everyone benefits from a higher metabolic rate. Younger people have a higher metabolic rate than older people. If we can speed up our metabolic rate, as we age we can age slower.

Now one more thing about thyroid. You have to understand that modern medicine has decided how much thyroid is the right amount. They don’t actually use sensible indicators like metabolic rate.

They use the TSH readings from a lab test.

Old-fashioned doctors use the metabolic rate to determine if a patient has low thyroid. But doctors today use the TSH reading to determine whether or not you are low in thyroid.

Low metabolisms = being sick, low potency, feeling run down

To me, this means that large numbers of people have superlow metabolisms and a lot of illness all because they’re not creating enough thyroid hormones in their body.

This study confirms what I’ve been saying for a long time. It rides on a fairly technical hormone called TSH.

Doctors consider in the “standard of care” that a TSH of over five means that you need thyroid supplements. Anything with a TSH under five is considered okay.

Personally, I think this is wrong. I think anything over a TSH of one shows low thyroid and low metabolism.

And this new study bears me out here. They studied adolescent males, and they found that with a TSH that’s elevated even within the so-called normal range, many of these adolescent males showed signs of prediabetes and diabetes.

Virtually all diabetics are low in thyroid

This verifies what a small number of us are saying, that people with blood sugar problems have a low thyroid. Perhaps treating low thyroid for people that are supposedly normal today would result in a lot fewer cases of diabetes. And a lot more cases of healthy happy men (and women)

 What should your TSH level be?

I’m taking thyroid hormone supplements if my TSH is over one. I think that a healthy happy person with a good high metabolism will have a TSH reading of under one.

Good luck on talking your doctor into that.

But I think the evidence will mount that I am right. As the study itself says, perhaps diabetic or prediabetic men

would benefit from targeting TSH levels in the lower half of normal range

That normal range for TSH is presently under five.

I believe it should be under one.

I will try to bring you some more studies on this, so you can bring it to your doctor and try to see if you will do better with a thyroid supplement.

And if you’re getting a thyroid supplement now, if you should be getting more than you’re getting.

2000 heart patients but almost no heart attacks

Years ago, doctors follow the lead of Dr. Broda Barnes.

Dr. Barnes had thousands of men and women that he treated for heart problems.

And he found that by supplementing their thyroid, his patients had virtually no heart attacks.

They not only felt better, but they were radically less sick.

And Dr. Barnes treated their thyroid according to their metabolic rate, rather than some arbitrary blood test.

Food for thought, no?

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