Honeybee drone milk

Are men actually drinking this?

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Honeybee drone milk

Matt Cook here, I had never heard of honeybee drone milk up until a few years ago…

But it is something that has a long history of use in Hungary and other countries in that region of the world.

Honeybee drone milk is a folk remedy for infertility, libido, and some problems associated with accelerated aging.

It is believed to increase testosterone.

It’s always interesting to see experiments attempting to validate or disprove these old folk remedies.

And the early research suggests that the use of honeybee drone milk is much more than just an old wives’ tale.

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The animal experiments were performed at the University of Szeged in Hungary. This paper was published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

Honeybee drone milk has a long history of use in Hungary.

“Numerous honeybee products have been used in traditional ‘health’ to treat infertility and to increase vitality in both men and women.”

However, the effects of honeybee drone milk on hormones have not been fully investigated.

“Drone milk is a relatively little-known honeybee product with a putative sexual hormone effect.”

One previous study showed that the substance could increase estrogen in rats.

Increasing estrogen is rarely a good thing – but something that can increase estrogen is increased testosterone.

Elevated estrogen caused by elevated testosterone is interesting.

Testosterone is highly beneficial, and so substances like this can be very useful if we use a lower dose.

A lower dose might increase testosterone without increasing estrogen significantly.

And so the researchers were interested in the effects of honeybee drone milk on androgens like testosterone.

“No information is available on the androgenic effects of Drone milk. The purpose of the present study was to determine the androgen-like effect of Drone milk in male rats and to identify effective compounds.”

They also looked at the effect of the substance on organs which are influenced by male hormones.

They found that honeybee drone milk increased the size and weight of the male organs.

“The crude Drone milk increased the relative weights of the androgen-dependent organs and the plasma testosterone level in castrated rats and these actions were flutamide-sensitive.”

Flutamide is an anti-androgen treatment.

This means it blocks the androgen receptor which is activated otherwise by turning testosterone into DHT.

Drone milk also increased an androgenic, masculinizing protein known as SLAP.

“Drone milk increased the tissue mRNA and protein level of SLAP, providing further evidence of its androgen-like character.”

The researchers pinpointed 2 fatty substances contained in drone milk as the likely active components.

“Two fatty acid esters, methyl palmitate (MP) and methyl oleate (MO), were identified as active compounds.”

The researchers believe that these substances are responsible for an increase in testosterone as a result of consuming honey bee drone milk.

“MP alone showed an androgenic effect, whereas MO increased the weight of androgen-sensitive tissues and the plasma testosterone level only in combination.”

The research indicates that the traditional use of honeybee drone milk for libido has some firm grounding in science.

“The experimental data of Drone milk and its active compounds (MO and MP) show androgenic activity confirming the traditional usage of Drone milk.”

I’d like to see some human studies which can tell us more about the broader effects of honeybee drone milk on sex hormones.

I’m particularly interested in the relative increases in estrogen and testosterone.

Provided it’s not too estrogenic, honeybee drone milk could be a very interesting treatment for sexual dysfunction.

“Drone milk or MP or/and MO treatments may project a natural mode for the therapy of male infertility.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Androgenic effect of honeybee drone milk in castrated rats: roles of methyl palmitate and methyl oleatehttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24607508/