How to feel better, exercise better, feel happier, and live better by lowering serotonin

The chemical serotonin is supposed to be good for you.

In fact, people who are depressed are supposedly low in serotonin. So doctors give them SSRI drugs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors,  which supposedly maintain a higher serotonin rate in the brain.

But actually, doctors and Big Pharma don’t have a clue about how these drugs work, even if they do work.

(Many depressed people say they don’t work.)

There are a lot of studies on serotonin that are done by real scientists, not Big Pharma drug companies.

Scientists know that serotonin is actually not a good hormone to have excessive levels of in the body.

Most serotonin is made by gut bacteria

If they make too much, we get a lot of problems, from stomach problems to gut problems, perhaps irritable bowel syndrome.

And serotonin makes it more difficult to exercise.

So it’s good news in lowering serotonin

Scientists have found that when people exercise, they release more serotonin in their brains.

And they think that this extra serotonin actually makes people who exercise more tired.

In fact, the less serotonin in your brain, the better, within limits.

So there’s this new study, where they gave athletes branched-chain amino acids, which are pretty harmless natural derivatives of simple proteins.

And they found that the BCA a dosages in reasonable amounts lowered the amount of serotonin in the athletes’ bodies and brains.

Introducing the devil: tryptophan

Remember a long time ago when people were given tryptophan supplements in order to fall asleep?

There was actually a big scandal when many people got sick or died from tryptophan supplements. In the FDA removed tryptophan supplements from the market.

Well, it turns out it wasn’t bad supplements that were responsible for people getting sick.

Tryptophan itself makes people sick. Perhaps because tryptophan turns in the serotonin in the gut and in the brain.

Tryptophan is an amino acid that is present in many foods. And it turns out that be CAA consumption may lower the amount of tryptophan that is turned into serotonin in the body and brain.

So what is it mean to you?

He might want to add BCAA supplements to your supplement regime. Because taking the CAA especially with taurine, or phenylalanine, may actually help lower serotonin in your brain and in your gut.

And may make you much healthier, more relaxed, less depressed, less anxious.

All the things that the SSRI drugs are supposed to do, be CAA may do better.

BCAA reduced brain tryptophan and tyrosine concentrations, and serotonin and catecholamine synthesis.

BCAA is pretty harmless, with little or no danger to it.

However, big Pharma does not want you to learn about BCAA, because there is no money in it.

You could buy a good BCA a supplement for next to nothing. Certainly less than it cost you to fill one of those expensive SSRI prescriptions.

And unlike SSRIs, be CAA doesn’t cause you to have withdrawal symptoms when you go off the supplement.

I take about 5 g to 10 g per day of the CAA these days, and I feel major benefits from it. You might also.





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