Coffee: A cure to bowel disease

Coffee: A cure to bowel disease

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Probably 90% of our problems come from the gut.

Heart disease, ED, flu, arthritis, high blood pressure, you name it, and it probably comes from the gut.

There are two problems here.

Number one, the amino acid tryptophan turns into serotonin.

This happens in the gut.

Serotonin is produced mostly in the gut.

Serotonin is very inflammatory and causes a host of problems in our entire body and our brain.

It’s a major cause of inflammatory bowel disease.

The number two problem is endotoxins.

We’ve talked a lot about endotoxins.

Endotoxins are secretions and byproducts from bacteria.

They include dead bacteria that enter the body.

Like all toxins, these cause inflammation all over the body.

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Brain problems, emotional problems, depression, anxiety, all these problems come from endotoxins.

These endotoxins also contribute to flu, heart disease and all the rest.

So with that, I want to show you this study.

The study comes out of Yale.

And it shows that a lot of gut problems can be healed with things like coffee.

The role of mechanical forces and adenosine in the regulation of intestinal enterochromaffin cell serotonin secretion 

Adenosine is the problem.

Adenosine in the gut leads to serotonin.

Adenosine crosses the blood brain barrier.

This leaves the blood-brain barrier porous like a sieve.

With all of those sieve-like holes, this opens up the brain to all kinds of inflammation.

The inflammation leads to dementia, Alzheimer’s and maybe Parkinson’s disease.


Adenosine leads to serotonin. Which leads to inflammation…and coffee can combat it.

This study looked at irritable bowel syndrome, and it has good news for your morning cuppa.

Coffee prevents serotonin from being produced in your gut — by opposing adenosine.

Evidence for an Antagonism Between Caffeine and Adenosine in the Human Cardiovascular System.

Coffee prevents adenosine and serotonin production.

This can reduce endotoxins, as well as relieve irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and other bowel problems.

Coffee is effective at treating inflammatory bowel disease by blocking the adenosine and serotonin.

To be effective, coffee should always be consumed with sugar.

Sugar prevents an adrenalin reaction to coffee.

It lets the compounds in coffee do their work.

Evidence suggests that coffee is FAR more than caffeine.

Decaf coffee works almost as well in many instances, although I prefer the caffeinated version and think it’s more healthful.

To fight inflammation, drink plenty of coffee.


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