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Vitamin D Supplement

It’s true – men supplementing this vitamin have higher libidos, more intense orgasms, and longer-lasting erections than men who don’t.

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Men high in this vitamin perform better in bed

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin that is mainly obtained by exposure to sunlight.

Low levels of vitamin D are associated with many diseases.

But there has been relatively little research looking at vitamin D levels and male sexual function.

Recently, researchers compiled some data looking at the relationship between vitamin D and sexual dysfunction in men.

That study showed a clear trend…

Lower vitamin D levels meant that men were at greater risk of sexual problems.

These researchers carried out human research in Milan, Italy and published their results in the Journal of Urology.

The study recruited 171 men – diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

“We aimed to investigate the association between vitamin D and sexual functioning in men seeking medical help for erectile dysfunction.”

They did blood tests on all of the participants to assess their levels of vitamin D.

“Circulating hormones and vitamin D were measured in every patient.”

Then they sorted the patients into three categories depending on their levels of vitamin D.

  • The men in Group A were vitamin D deficient (<20 ng/mL)
  • Group B had low levels of vitamin D (20 to 30 ng/mL)
  • Group C included only men with good levels of vitamin D (>30 ng/ml)

And then the researchers compared the different groups according to sexual function assessed by questionnaire results.

The IIEF-EF has 15 questions related to erectile function – and higher scores are better.

Men with low levels of vitamin D were more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, according to their IIEF-EF scores.

“IIEF-EF domain score was lower in Group A than in Group B and Group C.”

Men with vitamin D deficiency were four times more likely to have severe ED than men with adequate vitamin D levels.

“Severe erectile dysfunction was found in 60% vs. 26% vs. 15%, in Group A, B, and C, respectively.”

Men with vitamin D deficiency had lower libido too.

“Group A patients reported lower scores of IIEF-sexual desire.”

The men with vitamin D deficiency had less ability to achieve orgasm…

“Group A patients reported lower IIEF-orgasmic function than those in Group C.”

The researchers then conducted another analysis.

This time they accounted for other factors that are known to play into male sexual problems.

Low vitamin D was associated with an increased risk of sexual problems – even after accounting for body weight, testosterone levels, smoking, and alcohol use.

“Group A and B vs. Group C were significantly associated with IIEF-EF severity, after accounting for BMI, testosterone, smoking, and alcohol status.”

The study shows pretty clearly that men with lower vitamin D have worse sexual function.

“Lower vitamin D levels are associated with overall sexual function impairment.”

The lower their vitamin D levels were, the worse their sexual function was found to be.

“The severity of sexual dysfunction correlates with the degree of hypovitaminosis D.”

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because sunshine increases the production of vitamin D in the skin.

The effect of sunlight on sexual function in animals and humans has been known for thousands of years.

It is possible that there may be some other aspect of sunlight exposure that can improve sexual function, aside from the production of vitamin D.

We don’t know…

But many recent vitamin D supplementation experiments have been disappointing.

Until vitamin D supplementation has been tested in human trials looking at male sexual function, it may be best to get some more sunlight along with (or instead of) your vitamin D supplement.

Of course, don’t get a sunburn!

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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