How to use DHT supplements

DHEA Supplement

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How to use DHT supplements

The body produces the hormone DHEA in the adrenal glands, brain, and reproductive organs.

High DHEA levels are associated with youth and good health.

DHEA is also the raw material for other important hormones such as DHT.

And DHT is critical for many male characteristics.

Researchers looked at the effect of these hormones on fasting blood sugar.

They found that higher levels of these hormones seem to lower the risk of hyperglycemia.

The researchers carried out animal experiments at the Faculty of Sport and Health Science, Ritsumeikan University in Japan. The American Journal of Physiology published the results.

The study was primarily investigating hyperglycemia in rats.

The study looked at two different methods of increasing these hormones.

In one method, they gave the animals supplemental DHEA – DHEA can increase DHT.

In the other method, they made the animals exercise – they speculated that exercise may increase DHEA and DHT production.

“We assessed the effect of DHEA administration and exercise training on DHEA and DHT levels in hyperglycemic rats.”

They fed the rats an imbalanced and nutrient-deficient diet for 3-1/2 months to induce hyperglycemia.

After this, they gave one group of rats DHEA supplementation.

“DHEA (1 mg/kg body weight) was dissolved in sesame oil and administered orally every day for six weeks.”

Another group of rats began an exercise routine for the six-week trial period.

“The rats then ran on the treadmill for one hour at 25 m/min without incline five days/wk for six weeks.”

It seems the rats had the weekends off…

A control group of rats did not get DHEA supplementation and did not have to do a training regimen.

There were 10 rats in each group.

“After 14 weeks, the obese animals were randomly assigned to one of three groups: control, DHEA administration, or exercise training.”

DHEA supplementation increased levels of DHEA and DHT in the animals.

“Plasma and muscle concentrations of DHEA and DHT were significantly higher in the DHEA treated animals.”

DHEA increases DHT because it leads to increased amounts of 5-a-reductase – the enzyme that synthesizes DHT.

The exercise routine also increased the levels of both hormones.

“Concentrations of DHEA and DHT were significantly higher in exercise training animals.”

DHEA supplementation significantly improved insulin and fasting glucose levels.

“Results indicate that six weeks of DHEA treatment significantly attenuated serum insulin and fasting glucose levels.”

The training routine improved insulin and glucose too.

“Six weeks of exercise training significantly lowered serum insulin and fasting glucose levels compared with the control group.”

These changes were associated with other improvements in insulin and blood sugar metabolism.

“Both regimens upregulated GLUT4 translocation with concomitant increases in protein kinase B.”

The levels of DHT and DHEA were closely related to blood sugar and insulin levels.

“DHEA and DHT concentrations closely correlated with blood glucose levels and serum insulin levels.”

Increasing these hormones could help with obesity and hyperglycemia.

“Increased levels of muscle sex steroids may contribute to improved fasting glucose levels in obesity and hyperglycemia.”

The researchers speculate that exercise might improve blood sugar by increasing DHEA and DHT.

Prior animal studies showed that DHEA can lower blood sugar quickly.

“Previously, DHEA induced an acute decrease in blood glucose level in mouse models of type 2 diabetes, the reason was unclear.”

People with insulin and blood sugar problems have lower levels of DHEA.

Much like the animals in this study.

“Patients with metabolic syndrome generally show lower DHEA, which mirrors the reduced DHEA and DHT we observed in obese rats.”

DHEA and DHT could improve blood glucose and insulin.

“Furthermore, improvements in blood glucose and insulin levels may be associated with DHEA and DHT concentrations in skeletal muscle.”

A word of caution: DHEA can also convert to estrogen – which can be a problem.

This is more likely if you use a high dose of DHEA.

You should consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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