Can gut inflammation cause Alzheimer’s?

Can gut inflammation cause Alzheimer's?

You’ve probably seen me use the word “endotoxins” quite a bit.

These are the waste products of the bacteria that live in our bodies.

Most of these bacteria serve a purpose, mostly for digestion.

And there are several pounds of bacteria living in your body doing their various jobs.

But all of the bacteria produce waste that our body must process and get rid of as quickly as possible.

So endotoxins are present wherever bacteria are present.

The human gut produces most of these toxins.

So we have several pounds of bacteria which continually spew out endotoxins.

The liver does much of the processing for endotoxins.

It gets some help the digestive tract, including lymph nodes that extend all the way through to our intestines.

With all of this volume of endotoxins the liver and digestive tract can get bogged down.

Sometimes there is just too much to process.

Which leads us to the damage that endotoxins can cause when they get out of hand.

Many of the people who are developing the diseases of aging are actually suffering from an overload of endotoxins.

The gut can become inflamed.

And this inflammation lets a lot of endotoxins overwhelm the liver’s and the body’s defense mechanisms.

It lets the endotoxins circulate through the bloodstream and into the brain.

Endotoxins are common in the brains of people suffering Alzheimer’s effects.

That leads us to wonder — can gut inflammation cause Alzheimer’s symptoms?

New research shows that these endotoxins probably lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers refer to these type of molecules in the study.

Gram-negative bacterial molecules associate with Alzheimer disease pathology

One of the characteristics of Alzheimer’s is the development of visible amyloid plaques in the brain.

Although lately, I’ve shown you how even people with amyloid plaques do not necessarily suffer cognitive decline.

But virtually everyone who does suffer cognitive decline has abundant amyloid plaques in their brain.

So these scientists examined brain samples of people who had died from Alzheimer’s disease.

They found that in Alzheimer’s people, their brains have amyloid plaques loaded with these endotoxins.

Arrows show plaques in the brain -- Alzheimer's people all have these in their brains

This research is some of the best and newest research showing how gut inflammation can lead to Alzheimer’s and associated dementia.

In fact, the study authors say:

It is tempting to speculate that this study provides another example of a gut-to-brain connection, with gut being one possible source of brain bacteria supporting the concept of Alzheimer’s being a systemic disease.

The arguments are super compelling that Alzheimer’s is a systemic disease.

And it gets worse and worse because the body is overrun by bacterial endotoxins and gut inflammation.

Alzheimer’s treatments may soon include a focus on improving gut health.

The key to preventing Alzheimer’s may be restoring gut health, and lowering inflammation in the body.

This may be enough to prevent Alzheimer’s and lead to a very old age without cognitive decline.






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