Tell this to your low-carb friends ASAP

Tell this to your low carb friends ASAP

Do your low-carb friends think they’re healthier than you? Blow their minds with these stunning facts…

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—-Important Message for Men with “Rockiness” Problems—-

Just one teaspoon of this bad fat leads to erection problems in men

Virtually all men with erectile dysfunction have too much of this bad fat in their bodies…

Even just one little teaspoon is enough to ruin things for your penis for good.

However, it’s reversible if you know how to get rid of this bad fat…

But doctors don’t know about it. They aren’t taught anything about this bad fat in school.

In fact, you probably have some of this bad fat slipping into your bloodstream right now.

But I’ve been researching this bad fat for years… And I’ve discovered that when men get rid of this bad fat, they fully recover from their erection problems…

And at last they can stand at full mast and enjoy great sex with a woman again.

Here’s how to get rid of this bad fat and reverse erection problems for good.


Tell this to your low-carb friends ASAP

When I type in “high-fat diet” in the books section on Amazon, there are over 10,000 results.

And the most popular of these books have over 2,200 reviews – which means that thousands and thousands of the title are sold.

From gurus on the internet to best-selling doctors, there are SOOOOO many people peddling the idea that we should be eating a high-fat diet.

This makes me crazy. Because the advice couldn’t be MORE wrong.

But at the same time… I get it.

High-fat, high-protein diets will lead to quick weight loss for many people.

Unfortunately, that weight loss is hard to maintain and the health consequences of eating like this for the long term are terrible.

In fact, researchers often use a high-fat diet in mice models to INDUCE disease.

I read about it ALL the time in the medical literature.

That’s because high-fat diets cause internal inflammation.

And internal inflammation is the underlying cause of most “aging” diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and dementia.

Nitrosative stress drives heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

There are heart diseases caused by too much fat in the diet that have NO treatment options.

There are two main types of heart failure that patients are hospitalized for.

They both have funky sounding names.

But the big difference is that there are treatment options for one and not for the other.

“There are two types of heart failure. One is called HFrEF, for which we have a number of therapies, including medications, devices, and transplants. The other – HFpEF – has zero options…”

In this condition, the heart muscle becomes stiff.

And It almost always also presents with OTHER inflammatory based conditions including obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

“Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) is a lethal disorder for which there are no effective clinical therapies. The heart muscle becomes too stiff to pump blood efficiently. Most HFpEF patients are obese, have diabetes, and have metabolic syndrome.”

This combination of diseases isn’t an accident.

As I said earlier, internal inflammation is the root cause of all of these conditions.

So it makes sense that if they have the same cause they occur together.

When these researchers wanted to induce a specific type of heart disease in mouse models, they used a high-fat diet.

They set out to produce this HFpEF condition reliably in mice because the models they were already using were ineffective.

“Dr. Hill’s team looked at current, ineffective models of HFpEF and concluded that none of them correctly mirrors the realities they see clinically in human patients. They found that combining a high-fat diet with a drug that raises blood pressure gave them a ‘two-hit’ model, like a one-two punch to the disease.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this either.

Often, when a certain “disease state” is needed in mice they use a high-fat diet as one of the first ways to make sure the mice get the disease.

In this case, it worked so well that they were correctly able to “mirror” the HFpEF type of heart disease.

The same type that humans get.

If a high-fat diet makes lab mice get diseases, what do you think it’s doing to you?

In my experience, guys who eat a high-fat diet – keto or any of the other ones that are out there – end up with serious health consequences in the long term.

ED is often one of the first things to show up.

That’s because internal inflammation will often create problems in the penis first.

But guys also get metabolic disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease as well.

If you’re on a low-carb and high-fat diet now, please get off of it immediately.

Start eating lots of fruit instead… Fruit is highly protective.

I have an entire food protocol that’s based in part on the Okinawa ratio (high carbs, lower protein).

Guys have used this diet to reverse diabetes – among other things.

To your health!

—-Important Message for Men with Diabetes and Prediabetes—-

Prediabetic and diabetic men – avoiding these 5 foods can reverse diabetes in men

And it’s a shame because we are being lied to – for decades, the US government has been telling men to eat these 5 foods.

And yet, real studies show these 5 foods make diabetes symptoms WORSE.

Could it be that Big Pharma has “captured” the US government guidelines?

How big Pharma was captured by one percent

It seems that Big Pharma will do anything to keep annual profits high ($200 billion and climbing)…

Table 2. Personal Health care spending in the United States by Aggregated condition category for 2013

So today, following government guidelines, diabetics are sicker than ever…

The foods that Big Pharma recommends are actually making people SICKER with worse diabetes symptoms!

That’s why I put the list of these 5 bad foods here… Prepare to be shocked. You probably ate 2 of these foods just for breakfast.





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