The forbidden cancer treatment – real or fake?

Why do they want to ban this when it could be the cure?

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The forbidden cancer treatment – real or fake?

A cancer diagnosis is SCARY…

For most people, it’s one of the scariest things they can face.

And that’s COMPLETELY understandable.

Because cancer kills lots and lots of people.

And the deaths aren’t pleasant or tranquil or easy.

But the problem is that Big Pharma knows a cancer diagnosis is scarier than facing down a Mac truck on the highway.

And so they prey on that fear with new “trials” and new medicines that they’re always developing and marketing as miracle cures.

And TV just makes this worse with medical shows showing us dramatic breakthroughs of trials…

But they never seem to show us the negative consequences.

And the reality is this:

If you have cancer and you’re going to get it treated, you are almost always better off to go with an older and more proven therapy then to try something new.

New treatments just don’t have enough data behind them to tell you what they’re actually going to do and what your chances of long-term survival are.

And many of them don’t do any better than their less expensive proven counterparts.

(Of course, the best way to treat cancer is to prevent it in the first place. But if you already have it and are seeking conventional treatments this is important to know.)

Be wary of big claims…

Big Pharma marketing companies are really slick.

They give their products fancy names and they come up with really big claims.

But it really pays to do your research and be aware.

In this recent study, they looked at all the new cancer treatments that were approved between 2009 and 2013 in Europe.

These are new treatments and they’re supposed to be bigger and better and more effective than the old treatments.

But that isn’t really the case.

In an ideal world, the drug companies would bother to find out if these new treatments actually worked any better than the old ones.

But they pretty much fire them into the market without really knowing if they actually work better.

It’s so frustrating… But it’s also the truth.

“This systematic evaluation of oncology approvals by the EMA in 2009-13 shows that most drugs entered the market without evidence of benefit on survival or quality of life.”

That’s because, much of the time, Big Pharma’s motivation is profit – not people.

Older treatments are less expensive and the pharmaceutical companies can’t charge a premium for them…

So they develop newer treatments that they CAN charge a premium for, even if they don’t work better.

And then they still promote that you take them….

Even worse than that, after these treatments have been on the market for a while, they still don’t show any long-term benefits over the stuff that was already on the market.

“At a minimum of 3.3 years after market entry, there was still no conclusive evidence that these drugs either extended or improved life for most cancer indications.”

And when they did show improvements, those were almost too small to measure.

“When there were survival gains over existing treatment options or placebo, they were often marginal.”

So, if you get cancer and are offered treatments where one is called “cutting-edge” and another one is more standard or traditional…

It may pay off to take more standard and traditional treatment.

The biggest thing here is to make sure you do your research and understand what each treatment option offers…

And figure out why it is a good fit for you or not.

Don’t be duped by the marketing schemes of big Pharma.

Make sure that you’re putting your life first.

A lot of times it’s cheaper that way and you live just as long with equally good results – and no surprise side effects.

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