This diet everyone is on – is a scam

This diet everyone is on -- is a scam

You may be losing heart muscle AND shrinking your penis

——-Important Message—–

Why are five Nobel laureates staking their reputations on this anti-aging formula?

One MIT scientist says this formula can “restore muscle tissue, improve brain function, and increase energy levels by improving metabolic health.”

And we know that sexual performance skyrockets when our metabolic health improves…

Daily Medical Discoveries - Martin Karplusreports:

“Among the scientific heavyweights advising Elysium Health are:

Martin Karplus, emeritus professor of chemistry at Harvard and a 2013 Nobel Laureate;

Tom Sudhof, a Stanford School of Medicine professor who received a Nobel in 2013;

Eric Kandel, a biochemist and biophysicist at Columbia University and a 2000 Nobel Laureate;

Aaron Ciechanover, a distinguished research professor at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and a 2004 Nobel recipient;

and Jack Szostak, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School who received a Nobel in 2009.”

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This diet everyone is on – is a scam

Paleo, Low-Carb, Atkins, lowering sugar, no refined grains…

These are all about getting off sugar.

They’ve been telling us for DECADES now that SUGAR is the main problem with weight gain.

And we can forget about all the other possible factors (processed food, huge portion sizes, PUFAs, bottled water, plastics)…

It has to be the sugar. Right?

Well…maybe not so much.

Check this out:

Obesity keeps going up and up while sugar consumption is dropping.

“Starting around 2000, sugar consumption appears to have declined considerably, but the prevalence of obesity (and diabetes) has continued to rise.”

So maybe it’s NOT the sugar (or at least sugar isn’t the only problem).

Dietary Sugar and Body Weight: Have We Reached a Crisis in the Epidemic of Obesity and Diabetes?

A tale of two sugars: Is high-fructose corn syrup worse than table sugar?

We eat sugar for energy and we eat sugar because it tastes good.

It’s in many of the foods we eat, in two main forms…

High-fructose corn syrup is one. And sucrose (table sugar) is the other. 

“In this counterpoint discussion, we use the phrase ‘dietary sugar’ or ‘added sugar’ to mean sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup. Almost all dietary or added sugar used as an ingredient in either solid (desserts, snacks) or liquid (sugar-sweetened beverages) foods is in the form of these two disaccharides.”

Despite the bad hype around high-fructose corn syrup, there is not much of a difference to our bodies between one type of sugar and the other.

Both types of sugar act in very much the same way.

The belief that sucrose is metabolized differently than high-fructose corn syrup is a myth. No study has shown any difference between the two when each is given isocalorically… Nor is there any difference in sweetness or caloric value…”

So, now that we know that both main types of sugar act the same way in our bodies, we need to answer another question…

Does sugar make us fat?

It seems that the answer to this is yes AND no.

Sugar makes us fat when we eat TOO many total calories.

But it doesn’t make us fat ALL BY ITSELF.

Sugar is not some evil villain lurking in the shadows, out to get us.

There is nothing all that special about sugar.

There is nothing special about calories from sugar, many other sources of highly palatable calories can also increase body weight.”

Other foods make us fat too if we increase our servings or serving sizes (and thus increase the calories we’re eating).

“For example, in a pooled analysis of three of the well-known Harvard cohorts (which are often cited as showing that sugar causes obesity and diabetes) an increase in one serving of French fries (+3.35 lbs), potato chips (+1.69 lbs), unprocessed meat (+0.93 lbs), or boiled, baked, or mashed potatoes (+57 lbs) resulted in greater or similar weight gain as did sugary beverages (+1.0 lbs)…”

The problem is not sugar… The problem is eating too many calories.

The same thing goes for weight loss as well.

When people reduce their sugar intake they often lose weight.

But it’s not specifically about the sugar.

It’s because they are reducing the total number of calories they are consuming.

“In all the individual trials in which subjects consumed less calories from sugar, they also consumed less total energy… Therefore it is unclear if any weight loss was due to some unique property of sugar, or simply because total energy consumption in the intervention was less than in control subjects.”

This chart really emphasizes what the studies show:

Sugar isn't the culprit that most people think it is.

There is NO EVIDENCE that sugar by itself causes weight gain, increases appetite, or causes diabetes.

When we blame sugar for obesity and diabetes, we are trying to blame a single factor for a complex problem.

There are a lot of different environmental factors that lead to the weight gain we’re seeing in modern society.

Sugar is just ONE of those factors.

I have found that showing guys how to eat sugar the RIGHT way actually helps them drop weight and lower insulin resistance really quickly.

——Important Message——

Here’s how you can eat sugar and drop weight…

Eat three slices of pizza and lose three pounds. Wow! This is amazing.

Now let’s dig into the enchiladas and down a few Cokes… And lose even more.

I love this diet thing!

It’s all possible thanks to a youthful metabolism…

Now you can run around the snow in shorts and a t-shirt just like you did as a kid…thanks to your new youthful metabolism.

You are burning calories like mad…

Fat is melting from your body and your girlfriend strokes you muscles, purring contentedly, wanting you…

You don’t even have to work out anymore!

Your metabolism is youthful and amazing… And you fully expect to live to 120, while having sex right and left all along the way…

Daily Medical Discoveries Model

A man who is 70 will find his 30-year-old secretary begging him for sex… And he is eating steak, and pasta, and huge desserts… His body is hard, sculpted, and fit…

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