Stop stress 100% for sure

Stop stress 100% for sure

Here’s what our brave military has taught us about abolishing stress and anxiety 100%.

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Stop stress 100% for sure

If you were to believe most popular portrayals of stress and anxiety in the movies and on TV, you would think that most people who suffer from stress and anxiety have been in a war situation (and war is, in fact, a common PTSD trigger)…

And you’d believe that once you have stress and anxiety as a fixture of your life, there is nothing you can do to make it better.

But neither of those things are exactly true.

Stress and anxiety can be brought on by nearly any traumatic event…

AND there are effective treatments to alleviate the symptoms and become stress-free.

This is great news for people who suffer from stress and anxiety and the relentless sweating sensations, nervousness, feelings of helplessness…

Because it means – at long last – real relief.

But… There is a catch to how effective those treatments are.

And the catch might surprise you.

Doubly Randomized Preference Trial of Prolonged Exposure Versus Sertraline for Treatment of PTSD

Choosing your treatment can help to eliminate stress, anxiety – and even PTSD – altogether.

If you have stress from an event such as, for instance, being the victim of a crime, there is really good news.

This is NOT something you have to live with for the rest of your life!

There are very effective treatments for chronic stress.

Understanding your treatment options and then getting to CHOOSE the treatment you want can lead to zero symptoms.

Being relaxed, confident, happy…


Let’s take a look at how this works…

In this study, the researchers compared two proven treatments for chronic stress that results in PTSD: the medication Zoloft (Sertraline) and a form of counseling known as “prolonged exposure.”

Prolonged exposure is a form of psychotherapy that helps patients approach and deal with the bad memories.

“This form of counseling is often used to treat stress because it encourages patients to talk about what happened to them, learn coping strategies, and explore their thoughts and feelings through repeatedly approaching the trauma memory and reminders of the trauma.”

Both treatment types got good results, though psychotherapy was somewhat more effective than Zoloft.

This is good news – because drugs like Zoloft can be addictive…

AND they can cause ED.

So having another effective option such as prolonged exposure therapy is important.

“Of those participants who received prolonged exposure therapy, nearly 70% were determined to be free of their stress two years after the therapy ended, compared with 55% of those who had taken and stayed on Sertraline through the follow-up.”

Even more remarkable, when patients CHOSE the treatment they wanted, their results got even better…

Fully 75% of patients who chose psychotherapy LOST their diagnosis.

“Of those who wanted and received therapy, 74% had lost their diagnosis two years later; of those who preferred therapy but received medication instead, only 37% were stress-free after two years.”

One reason why choosing a treatment option is so effective is because it increases compliance.

When patients get to CHOOSE the treatment option they want, compliance goes up dramatically and they get better results.

“Whether patients received their choice of treatment appeared to directly affect their commitment: Nearly 75% of those who were ‘matched’ with their preferred method completed their full treatment program, while more than half of those who were ‘mismatched’ with a treatment method did not complete that course of treatment.”

It’s wonderful to know that CHOICE between proven treatments helps to boost the effectiveness of treatments…

But I don’t think stress, anxiety, or even PTSD are the only situations where choice of treatment can be effective.

If you have a condition that you need treatment for, then it might be wise to ask your doctor for a choice between proven treatment options.

By having proven options to choose from, you’re likely to have better compliance and get better results.

The power of choice can give you a level of control that you may not feel otherwise.

And that alone can be very, very helpful.

If you have stress, anxiety, or even PTSD, it’s not something you have to live with forever.

Most people, with the right treatment, can move past it and live their lives free from stress, relaxed, and confident.

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