PERMANENT damage to eyes from this popular men’s product

PERMANENT damage to eyes from this popular men’s product

Imagine being told that your vision will have a permanent red tint – all because you took this common and popular product.

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PERMANENT damage to eyes from this popular men’s product

Men may not know about the dangers of taking too much Viagra, Cialis, etc. (this happens more often than you think).

This study shows that it can cause damage on a CELLULAR level.

It’s pretty freaky. And you REALLY need to know about it if you want to protect your health.

It can make you see red (for real)

This study, done by researchers at Mount Sinai, was sparked after a patient presented in an urgent care clinic complaining that his vision was tinted red.

This change in vision had been persistent for two days and wasn’t going away.

“Rosen and a team of investigators from NYEE based their study on a 31-year-old patient who arrived at an urgent care clinic complaining of red-tinted vision in both eyes that hadn’t gone away in two days.”

This particular patient had taken “much more” than the recommended 50mg dose of Viagra.

That “much more” dose damaged his outer retina… And the damage DID NOT get better over time – even with various treatments.

“The patient was then diagnosed with persistent retinal toxicity linked to the high dose of medication damaging the outer retina. His tinted vision has not improved more than a year after his initial diagnosis, despite various treatments.”

This patient isn’t getting better because the excess Viagra did PERMANENT damage to his eyes – exactly the same way that retinal disease does damage to the eyes.

It changed the structure of his retina.

“To actually see these types of structural changes was unexpected, but it explained the symptoms that the patient suffered from. While we know colored vision disturbance is a well-described side effect of this medication, we have never been able to visualize the structural effect of the drug on the retina until now…”

I’m not a fan of these pills anyway, for many reasons…

They lose effectiveness over time, they can make ED WORSE over time, and they can cause side effects that most guys don’t even know about.

But this particular side effect of having permanently screwed up color vision is not one that I would want to deal with for the rest of my life.

It’s just not something I would risk.

It’s scary that this drug can do damage to the body at a cellular level – damage that can’t be easily repaired.

Especially when it’s marketed as a harmless (and helpful) drug for men.

If you are going to take this or another ED drug, then make sure you stick to the dosage listed…

Never, ever take too much.

Even if you stay within the dosage guidelines, it can be risky.

“…colored vision disturbance is a well-described side effect of this medication…”

But I do get it…

Having great erections is really important to nearly every guy on the planet…

I haven’t met a man yet who DOESN’T care about the quality of his erections.

In my experience (and the experience of my thousands of students) there are better ways to get there than taking a drug with such heinous side effects.

We teach a lot of these methods in our courses and in our newsletter.

But, more importantly, even if you have persistent ED from surgery or injury, you can still have AMAZING sex with a technique called Intercourse Anytime… available through our website.

And you don’t have to risk your vision for it.

Viagra and its cousins, in my opinion, are not all they’re cracked up to be.

AND they can have some major negative effects on your health.

It’s much better to treat the causes of ED than to use drugs that can cause long-term damage.

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Irreversible damage to color vision linked to popular erectile dysfunction drug of vision after de novo genesis of rod photoreceptors in mammalian retinas

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