This Cured My Constant Nagging Anxiety


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This Cured My Constant Nagging Anxiety

A lot of times when I’m feeling anxious, I try to talk myself out of it. But it never works.

Here’s what actually does work…

Neuroscience has shown us that emotions are actually physical – and just as real as physical sensations of pleasure and pain, hot or cold.

Emotions cause your neuro pathways to develop in your brain in very specific ways.

And your experiences (and how you think about your experiences) directly relates to how those neuro pathways develop.

Normally, when we develop fear pathways, they lessen over time when the thing to be feared goes away.

“Like animals, people develop conditioned responses, especially if strong negative emotions are involved. This fact was used beautifully in the movie Jaws as the simple “da-da … da-da” frightened millions without anyone needing to actually be chased or killed by a shark…”

“Normally, fearful reactions will lessen over time as the conditioned stimulus (the music) is dissociated from the fearful experience (watching the movie). This is called fear extinction.”

This is called fear extinction.

But for people who suffer from PTSD and anxiety disorders – this fear pathway sticks around and doesn’t fade away.

“When fear extinction does not happen normally, it can lead to anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress or phobias.”

This absence of fear extinction can cause massive problems for people because, without this mechanism, folks have to live with fear for the rest of their lives.

It’s a common phenomenon with war veterans and people who have suffered abuse.

I experienced this kind of life-gripping fear before I figured out how to cure my “rockiness” problems.

But now, science is starting to unravel how to CREATE fear extinction…

And that holds a huge amount of promise for people with PTSD, anxiety disorders, and phobias to get free of chronic fear for good.

Dopamine plays a BIG role in eliminating chronic fear…

This study used something called optogenetics.

Optogentics is: a technique in neuroscience in which genes for light-sensitive proteins are introduced into specific types of brain cells in order to monitor and control their activity precisely, using light signals.”

Optogenetics is interesting because it allows us to see into the brains of study animals like mice in really unique ways.

In this study, they used optogenetics to isolate specific dopamine pathways within the brain.

And they found a specific brain pathway that allowed them to use something called VTA dopamine activity to enhance the rate at which fear was disconnected from stimuli.

“Optogenetics allowed the team to block each of these pathways separately, and they found that they both affected fear extinction, but in opposite ways: blocking the reward pathway prevented fear extinction while blocking the other pathway enhanced fear extinction.”

This has big implications for people who suffer from chronic fear because it means that we may be able to rewrite the fear response at the biological, physical level!

Of course, Big Pharma is going to try to do this with drugs.

According to Joshua Johanssen, one of the study authors:

Pharmacologically targeting the dopamine system will likely be an effective therapy for psychiatric conditions such as anxiety disorders when combined with clinically proven behavioral treatments such as exposure therapy…”

“In order to provide effective, mechanism-based treatments for these conditions, future pre-clinical work will need to use molecular strategies that can separately target these distinct dopamine cell populations.”

But I think we can use this research to help people combat chronic fear – without necessarily using Big Pharma products.

This is where I have to tell you I’m not a doctor and please don’t go off of any prescription meds on my say-so. That’s for you and your doc to figure out.

But… we do have guys who, as they go through our programs (especially our programs that help with “rockiness” issues), report huge reductions in anxiety, fear, and even PTSD symptoms.

And that’s because the stuff we teach helps to rewire the “hardware” of the brain so that the chronic fear response is lessened.

I developed it first to help guys get over the fear circle that occurs when you’re never sure if your penis is going to work.

But it has remarkable spillover effects.

Chronic fear is real. It changes your brain.

But many people can and do find relief by understanding neurochemicals and how to use lifestyle factors to manipulate them.

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