Willpower “trick” sheds estrogen and pounds

Willpower “trick” sheds estrogen and pounds

This trick gets rid of estrogen-producing fat, is great for beefing up your erections, AND is proven to work – here’s how to use it today…

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Willpower “trick” sheds estrogen and pounds

Every man knows that if he can shed pounds of fat, he’ll reduce his estrogen. And with lower estrogen comes way better erections. 

However, the obstacle has always been…


And in this newsletter, you’ll find out how…

Willpower is a myth!

Most people don’t have nearly as much willpower as they think they do…

It is a very limited resource and your reserves actually get fatigued.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all have some willpower.

But the idea that willpower somehow controls all of our behavior – especially behavior that’s controlled by basic human needs like eating, sex, and sleep…

It’s just not true!

Willpower is often overridden by more basic brain functions that you may not even be aware of.

So it’s super-important to understand how your brain actually works.

When you know how your brain works, you can hack your environment to increase your perceived willpower…

And then you won’t wear out your limited willpower reserves so quickly.

This is especially true when it comes to food.

Marketers are absolutely brilliant at getting us to eat more and more.

By understanding how they do this, you can take control of what you eat and live a much healthier life.

This study looked at how “food cues” influence consumer behavior.

Food cues can be display signs showing food that looks good to eat.

They might be great food smells or TV commercials.

Think about the kind of cravings you get when you see an ad for your favorite food – pizza, chocolate, pasta.

Food cues in your environment can cause you to overeat.

“Food cues, which stimulate brain activity, can nudge some customers to overeat due to increased cravings and hunger, a new University of Michigan study suggests.”

This is called incentive sensitization – the effect that environment has on craving (or “wanting” as science calls it).

“The incentive-sensitization (IS) theory proposes that ‘wanting’ (strong motivation), more so than ‘liking’ (hedonic pleasure), drives compulsive consumption in both substance use and overeating. Importantly, ‘wanting’ and ‘liking’ are only distinct in the presence of relevant cues.”

The crazy thing about incentive sensitization is that it actually makes you feel more hungry, physically.

This is true even if you’ve just recently eaten.

“When exposed to food-related cues, participants felt more hungry in the fast-food lab than the neutral environment.”

But, as with many things in life, they still wanted more…

Having stronger cravings didn’t actually make them like the food more.

So people didn’t get any more actual pleasure from food in a high-food-cue environment than they did otherwise:

The cues, however, did not make a difference in participants liking the food’s taste in either environment.”

But they ate a lot more calories when they were in the high-food-cue environment.

I really dislike things that don’t provide any extra pleasure in life… and give you bad results.

And this is one of those things.

When you’re around food cues, your brain sets you up to eat much more food.

But you get no more pleasure out of it.

This has a negative spiral effect.

You get fatter over time, then you feel less good about yourself, then you may end up eating even more.

But when you understand how your environment affects your behavior…

You can control your environment instead of trying to control your behavior.

This is much easier to do.

Even though I love to go out to eat (and often do), the majority of my food is cooked at home in a neutral environment. And this is one of the reasons why.

And I eat much less and get just as much enjoyment out of it.

The study suggested some ways to avoid food cues in your own life.

“It is hard it is to avoid food cues in our current environment, but people can try some strategies to minimize their exposure by not going into restaurants and using technology to skip food advertisements in TV shows,” Joyner said.

Advertisers and food producers want you to eat more of their products. Because it makes them more money.

By understanding their games, you can have just as much pleasure from the food you eat…

Without eating extra calories because you’re extra-hungry because of the food cues in your environment.

Understanding your brain is far better than trying to exercise your willpower.

It’s more effective and gets better results.

Give it a shot. You might like what happens.

And when you shed those pounds of belly fat, you’ll be lowering your estrogen…making your libido and sex life much better…

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Tempting your taste buds: Food cues entice consumers to overeat 

Investigating an Incentive-Sensitization Model of Eating Behavior: Impact of a Simulated Fast-Food Laboratory 



1. What are ways to quick weight loss? 
With the type of advertising dollars that is spent on Weight loss programs and different diet models, the heightened interest in this subject has given rise to fake information too. For some a certain pill or dieting program can promise wonders ,but many are unable to find a positive outcome from these fads. Proper attention to Diet and exercise has long been the known forms of  weight loss,this can be simple steps that one can take to engineer weight loss.Adding the protein content in one’s diet can help to reduce appetite thus inhibiting the building of fat in the human body,in the long term. The consumption of Processed foods has been found to boost weight gains which is not only unhealthy but also disrupts the balance of the body processes. Processed foods usually contain added sugar which is related to many health conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Drinking copious amounts of water also helps to soothe the hunger pangs. It has also been found that increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables consumption, helps to cut down on a grain based diet which thus helps balance the body composition. In addition to being high in water and fiber ,fruits have a very low energy density that can aid in metabolism.It has been found that certain oils like coconut oil can help reduce body fat. Coconut oil also consists of certain healthy compounds called medium-chain triglycerides, which are processed differently than other fats.The intake of probiotics has also been found to aid in weight loss as they improve digestive health and also help to regulate the healthy gut bacteria.In addition to the above, daily exercise and regular body activity are found to be the best tools for weight loss. Activities like jogging, trekking, running, cycling and power walking are effective methods to burn calories and can help reduce body weight. This is also shown to improve many risk factors for heart disease and can aid in the development of muscle and breaking down  the extra fat in the human body. 

2. Do weight loss plans help? 
Weight loss programs are a $3.5 billion per year business and the industry is still expected to grow as ,new and trendsetter weight loss models come to the forefront. Though there are a myriad weight loss plans and models of diet control out there, finding a evidence based form of plan that can effectively help control and lower weight is important. According to proven studies ( Analysis done by John Hopkins)  ,among the thousands of weight loss programs out there, only a few fulfilled the basic parameters that was reliable enough on the same.Studies done over a period of 12 months and beyond looked at the efficacy of weight loss  plans and its health benefits such as lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.Among them two weight loss programs specifically the Jenny Craig method and Weight watchers were found to be more effective, compared to the others . Some programs that are based on the Atkins diet which embraces high fat and low carbohydrates, were also effective in enabling weight loss during a  6 – 12 month period. Given this information, it is pertinent to note that proper analysis and evidence based judgments has to be made before, one chooses to follow a certain weight loss program, for any successful results to be forthcoming.

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