Vitamins to increase testosterone

Vitamins to increase testosterone

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Today’s newsletter focuses on a method to raise testosterone harmlessly and effectively.

If your testosterone level is low, it is probably because of metabolic problems.

That’s why I don’t believe in just getting extra testosterone replacement therapy without trying everything possible first.

It causes more problems, and the original problem isn’t solved.

The metabolic problems continue if you get TRT.

The extra testosterone becomes in estrogen in the body.

Excess testosterone and estrogen cause havoc in the body that’s already compromised.

They can cause blood problems, clots, manboobs and other complications.

Today’s study promises a way of increasing testosterone that has virtually NO ill effects.

You can take vitamins to increase testosterone.

And today we’ll discuss one of these testosterone boosting vitamins.

But before we get to that, I want to explain one more thing.

I want to explain the interplay of testosterone and what is called luteinizing hormone, or LH.

Your testicles produce most of your testosterone.

And the signal to produce testosterone come from the tiny and powerful pituitary hormone in the brain.

Your pituitary releases LH.

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And then your testicles are supposed to pick up the LH and realize, “Ha! It’s time for me to produce more testosterone!”

Now, if you test the LH levels versus the testosterone levels, you can tell which side has the problem.

If you have high luteinizing hormone levels but low testosterone, that tells you that the problem is in the testicles.

Because having higher LH means that your pituitary is telling your testicles to produce more testosterone.

But your testicles are not capable of doing it.

On the other hand, if you have both low luteinizing hormone and testosterone, the problem is in the pituitary gland.

It means that your pituitary is not sending the signal to your testicles to produce more testosterone.

So now we have a pituitary or endocrine hormone problem rather than a testicle problem.

Now, in this study, researchers gave mice vitamin K2, the MK-4 variety.

And over time, they found that the mice testicles produced a lot more testosterone.

But the luteinizing hormone did not rise.

It’s probably very much the same in human beings.

What that means is that take the MK-4 version of vitamin K2 is a great way to increase your testosterone.

These vitamin testosterone boosters increase testosterone naturally.

But don’t try to take as much K2 as the mice were taking.

You have to convert animal dosages and human dosages.

The dosage for the mice was pretty high.

There doesn’t seem to be a toxic level for vitamin K2 MP4, although I’m sure there is one.

Often you can take just one or 2 mg for major effect.

Of course, to raise testosterone, you need to take more — and you’re going to need to take it for longer.

Plus, you want to be sure that the vitamin K2 has its partners for best effect.

Vitamin K2 should never be taken on its own.

It’s important to take it with plenty of calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D3, and practice good nutrition in general.

But as they say in the study:

MK-4 stimulates testosterone production in rats…and its supplementation could reverse the downregulation of testosterone production in elders.

Matt Cook is editor-in-chief of Daily Medical Discoveries. Matt has been a full time health researcher for 26 years. ABC News interviewed Matt on sexual health issues not long ago. Matt is widely quoted on over 1,000,000 websites. He has over 300,000 daily newsletter readers. Daily Medical Discoveries finds hidden, buried or ignored medical studies through the lens of 100 years of proven science. Matt heads up the editorial team of scientists and health researchers. Each discovery is based upon primary studies from peer reviewed science sources following the Daily Medical Discoveries 7 Step Process to ensure accuracy.
Menaquinone-4 enhances testosterone production in rats and testis-derived tumor cells 

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