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What to watch out for when using generic medications

There are a couple of benefits to generic treatments.

They’re almost always cheaper than their brand name counterparts…

…and they have been around a longer time than new treatments so we have a better idea of side effects and benefits.

In my opinion, if you have to take a Big Pharma treatment (and sometimes people do) it’s better to get an older, proven treatment.  

Of course, you should always check with your doctor before discontinuing or switching any kind of treatment.

But you should know that generic Big Pharma companies have been making quite a few settlements lately with the US Department of Justice (DOJ)…

…amid accusations of price-fixing – potentially driving up the cost of treatments in the US.

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Why Are Price-Fixing Claims Important?

The bottom line on this is that when companies are colluding to keep prices at a specific fixed rate instead of competing with each other…

…it makes prices go up costing you money.

It’s not only the direct costs you should be concerned about, but treatment prices directly impact the price of health insurance.

If treatments cost more, your premiums go up.

The same is true for Medicaid and Medicare.

If treatment prices are higher, these programs cost more tax dollars.

This Price-Fixing Has Been Going on for a While

Generic Big Pharma companies have been under scrutiny for price-fixing for years.

In 2017, 45 US Attorney Generals said that 18 different Big Pharma companies were colluding to fix prices.

“…we have evidence of widespread participation in illegal conspiracies across the generic ‘treatment’ industry. Ultimately, it was consumers – and, indeed, our healthcare system as a whole – who paid for these actions through artificially high prices for generic ‘treatments.’”

The conspiracy to keep prices artificially high gets worse.

You would think that the collusion would be bad enough, but in December of 2016, the Wall Street Journal ran a report that stated:

“The complaint filed Thursday alleges that ‘treatment’-manufacturer executives colluded on a variety of occasions, including at so-called ‘industry dinners.’ It cites one such dinner in January 2014 that allegedly involved 13 male executives, including one from Aurobindo, who gathered at a steakhouse in Bridgewater, N.J.

“Female generic ‘chemical’ sales representatives, meanwhile, had their own opportunities for collusion, the complaint says. At ‘Girls Night Out’ or ‘Women in the Industry’ meetings and dinners, they would huddle with competitors and ‘discuss competitively sensitive information.’

“During those sorts of gatherings, attendees would gain access to each other’s business strategies, which ‘often leads to agreements among competitors to allocate a given market so as to avoid competing with one another on price,’ according to the complaint.”

That means that competing Big Pharma companies were allocating customers, specifically so they didn’t have to lower prices to be competitive!  

The price fixing hasn’t stopped.

In case you think that because these reports are a couple of years old that this practice of price-fixing has stopped…

…you need to know that it hasn’t.

In August of 2020 the Wall Street Journal ran another expose on a generic Big Pharma company called Apotex which has agreed to pay over $24 million dollars.

This is for price-fixing the treatment pravastatin – a cholesterol-lowering treatment.

“Prosecutors accused the company of fixing prices, rigging bids and allocating customers in three different conspiracies, including for pravastatin, a commonly ‘recommended’ cholesterol ‘treatment,’ whose brand name is Pravachol. A second conspiracy involved price fixing on ‘treatments’ used to treat arthritis, seizures, pain, skin conditions, and blood clots, the Justice Department alleged. The third alleged conspiracy involved ‘treatments’ used to treat brain cancer, cystic fibrosis, arthritis, and hypertension, the department said.”

Most of the time generic treatments are much cheaper than the name brands, and we usually know their side effects and benefits better simply because they are older.

But that doesn’t excuse this poor behavior from the Big Pharma companies that rake in millions of profits.

It’s certainly a case of buyer beware.

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