How to Increase Oxytocin in Men

[cmamad id=”3450″ align=”center” tabid=”display-desktop” mobid=”display-desktop” stg=””]Men are asking me about how to increase their oxytocin.

It comes up frequently lately.


Because oxytocin is the true erection hormone.

And men with an oxytocin deficiency will have poor quality erections.

Oxytocin helps increase the quality and the duration of erections.

There is nothing like it.

So figuring out how to increase oxytocin in men is a hot topic.

Plus, oxytocin increases the feeling of connectedness with our partner.

It’s literally the happiness hormone.

Oxytocin produces a feeling of trust, happiness, and bliss.

The feeling is very similar to feeling at one with the universe.

It’s a feeling that all is right in the world.

Oxytocin also powerfully reduces our addictive behaviors.

When oxytocin levels are right, you don’t feel the pressure of those addictive behaviors.

With all of this, it’s obvious that we need to know how to increase hormone levels.

Men ask if they need an oxytocin prescription.

Or if there are “oxytocin foods” that they can eat to increase their levels.

They often ask me if they can buy oxytocin on the Internet.

And yes, you can buy it on the Internet.

But will it do any good?

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Oxytocin has to be in the right place at the right time.

It has to be in the brain cells and the genitals, or it’s not going to do any good.

When researchers experiment with oxytocin, they use a spray in your nose.

They do this because swallowing oxytocin doesn’t work.

The intranasal sprays seem to work okay, but they don’t last very long.

They also have strange side effects.

And they don’t do the job the way that naturally produced oxytocin does in your brain.

So now comes this new and fascinating study measuring oxytocin levels in different situations.

The researchers studied both men and women.

They focused on oxytocin levels during three or four situations.

The situations were running, masturbation, breastfeeding, and high- stress situations.

Salivary oxytocin concentrations in response to running, sexual self-stimulation, breastfeeding and the TSST: The Regensburg Oxytocin Challenge (ROC) study

The researchers are trying to figure out a way to measure oxytocin through a saliva test.

This would be simpler than needing an injection or a sample of blood.

So the study was geared towards determining whether or not a saliva test would work.

And it’s very clear that a saliva test for oxytocin really works.

But there’s something in particular that makes this study so fascinating.

It shows us for the first time what the effects of oxytocin are during these activities.

The researchers found that running raises oxytocin.

It’s probable that any good exercise will increase your oxytocin, but we can’t be sure.

I’ve long felt along with many researchers that oxytocin can be built by activities outdoors.

I’m not clear from the study whether the running was in a gym or outdoors.

I bet you it was outdoors.

In any case, the runners experienced an oxytocin level of about twice the regular levels.

Masturbation also raises oxytocin.

Oxytocin levels rise during masturbation and then quickly peek and flameout.

I assume that this is standard “to orgasm” masturbation rather than “edging” type masturbation.

But again we can’t really be sure.

The researchers also found that stress raises oxytocin.

To induce stress, the researchers used a test called the TSS T.

This is a stress test where they have the subject prepare a presentation.

The presentation is then delivered to a panel of judges.

No really, I’m serious.

This is very stressful!

And it’s a reliably stressful situation for nearly everyone.

So the researchers determined that cortisol levels go up as expected.

But oxytocin levels also rose.

Researchers hadn’t predicted that cortisol would rise.

So this study shows that oxytocin levels can be doubled for a short print of time.

Exercise, stress, and masturbation all raised oxytocin levels.

And the study also shows us that the levels don’t stay high for very long.

I would love to see future studies now that we have a good salivary test of oxytocin.

I love to see studies that show how oxytocin levels at baseline rise over. time.

In my experience, the oxytocin feelings are incomparable.

And they make life so worth living.






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  1. How to release oxytocin in a man?
It’s very helpful for a man to build up oxytocin in his body. Oxytocin is the true hormone erections and getting higher oxytocin leads to more loving feelings, longer-lasting erections, harder erections, and most importantly a more loving connection with a partner.
Oxytocin is a hormone that is secreted in the brain as well as the testicles and probably other places even the heart.
It’s not possible to take an oxytocin supplement. Because although they are sold, they can be damaging and harmful and should not be taken. Oxytocin must be created inside the man. A man who bills oxytocin will find that his sex life improves, his relationships with others get better and more loving, and he becomes a more serene and peaceful human being.
In my experience, building oxytocin leads to addictions being much easier to kick, such as alcohol or drugs. And it also helps anxiety and depression lift. I have seen men recover from lifelong depression after six months or a year of raising oxytocin levels in their body.
There are some behaviors that can encourage oxytocin including time in nature, naked cuddling with when you love, and many other activities. Even pets can help increase oxytocin.

  1. How to increase oxytocin naturally?
There are many ways of increasing oxytocin naturally. I always warn men not to try to take oxytocin supplements because they can be harmful. Oxytocin as a supplement actually is not absorbed orally and is usually given as a nasal spray. But it has only been used short-term in experiments and probably has many negative effects if you take it over time.
So the best way of doing this increasing oxytocin is to spend time in nature, two things you love, spend time with family that you enjoy being with, have a pet that you really like taking care of. Naked cuddling, lots of long. The sexual intercourse with when you love all build oxytocin.
Oxytocin is built when you engage in social activities with people that you care for. It is designed to be a hormone that rewards us for being close to other people.  Naturally, we have many defenses against being close to others in order to protect ourselves from physical harm. So oxytocin is the balance to that end natural oxytocin tends to make us feel more relaxed and comfortable and trusting with people.

  1. What causes oxytocin deficiency in males?
Many men are low in oxytocin. I have not seen men that actually have an oxytocin deficiency. But they are low in oxytocin. Men who live alone, men who don’t have a partner, men who don’t have some caring people in their lives will tend to have low oxytocin levels.
In oxytocin deficiency will show up in poor erections and erectile dysfunction. It will also show up as a lack of trust for others, constant anger, depression, or anxiety. And also being addicted to bad habits such as too much alcohol or drugs.
In oxytocin deficiency in men is especially harmful because men tend to be naturally more isolated due to their national competitiveness with other men and their difficulty in sharing their feelings. This difficulty ensuring feeling seems to be a male trait that is built into men. It’s very important for men to have oxytocin the balance this out so that men are more likely to seek out social contact and not be isolated. This is why men who have low oxytocin or an oxytocin deficiency tend to have anxiety and depression. They tend to be more violent and tend to be more inside themselves.