How I got confident – sneaky trick

How I got confident - sneaky trick

This discovery is HUGE…I used this to gain massive confidence…and my erections got really good and I gained bigger muscles…

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How I gained great erections again…

I wasn’t feeling as much down there. I didn’t realize it, but I was kinda numb.

This is called desensitization. For me, it came from getting older, from poor masturbation habits, and from other stuff including treatments the doc had me taking.

After many years, I discovered a cure for desensitization that brought my erections back to what they hadn’t been since I was a teenager.

It was all thanks to a simple solo activity that I do.

And now there is good news for YOU:

How can you feel more, and get harder down there? With this simple solo activity.

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How I got confident – a sneaky trick

For us guys, being bigger down there, having a firm stomach and good muscles, gives us confidence.

But our bodies and brains are hard-wired to seek out fatty and sugary foods.

That’s why Oreo cookies, for example, are completely irresistible for some men.

I have a friend who’ll eat them until he is staring at an empty package. Ugh!

Big Food manufacturers know this and they create foods in labs that are specifically geared toward getting you to eat more and more of the products they create.

Lay’s Chips even famously used the tagline “you can’t eat just one.”

This is great for Big Food’s sales, but not so good for our waistlines or our health.

And this biological imperative, combined with refined foods that are almost drug-like, makes shedding those extra pounds tough for most people.

It’s enough to make you crazy. And don’t even get me started on how dangerous weight-loss surgery can be.

Usually, though, it’s easy enough to shed the first few pounds.

But then most people gain all the weight back plus more.

So when you’re crafting a weight loss plan, it’s important to know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

And it seems like if you’re part of a couple, there’s a particular strategy that works better for both your romantic relationship and your waistline.

Weight loss strategy for couples – in it together.

Losing weight can be bad for a relationship – if you go about it the wrong way.

You can put your relationship under strain if you don’t have the right strategy.

And you can make weight loss a whole lot more difficult.

Couples who are trying to lose weight could be putting their relationship under strain by using unsuitable strategies to achieve their weight loss goals, a new study suggests.”

If you’re trying to lose weight, then it’s a good idea to recruit your partner to help you.

Usually, you get better results.

There are three common ways that partners can help each other – encouragement, influence, and coercion.

“The three most common weight loss strategies couples use are encouragement (giving praise and reassurance), influence (pushing their partner to do better and make healthier choices), and coercion (making the other feel guilty by withdrawing affection).”

“Romantic partnerships seem to work better when they are a team effort. This is true in almost every area of life, and can be enhanced by things we call ‘oxytocin-building activities.’ because they develop a biologically-based trust with the relationship.”

But mind-frame shifts can help as well.

If you view your partner as being on your team in your weight loss goal, and they do the same, you end up with a much better relationship and meet your goals more easily.

“The study discovered that ‘synchronized’ partners, who framed weight loss as a shared goal, were far more receptive to all three strategies, including coercion.” 

And the weird thing about this is that partners who believe they’re on the same team even view coercion positively.

Scientists think this is because they view it as their partner having their best interest at heart.

But if partners don’t view themselves as being on the same team with a shared goal, that’s when relationship troubles happen.

“Unless partners align these approaches with their specific relational environment, couples risk alienation and unnecessary tension.”

How to get your partner on your team.

I know this may sound a little bit weird, but this goes back to those oxytocin-building activities I was talking about earlier.

When it comes to getting your partner on your team, holding hands really helps.

I’m serious. Just hold her hand – everywhere you can and as often as you can.

It builds up the chemical in your brain that creates trust between you and your partner.

And trust is essential for working together as a team.

The other way to get your partner on your team is to ask. Often, your partner will do what you want them to if you just ask them to do it.

Just ask your partner to be your teammate in weight loss.

Be specific about what you need. For me, it would be not to bring white chocolate into the house.

Losing weight is tough.

But if you recruit your partner to help you, you can be more successful at it.

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Working together key to weight loss in relationships in Context: How Perceptions of Romantic Partner Support for Weight Loss Vary by the Relational Context

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