Here’s how I’m keeping my prostate healthy at home

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Thanks to this, I’m never worrying about the “C word” again

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Here’s how I’m keeping my prostate healthy at home

Cancer. It’s a word that strikes fear into anyone who hears it from their doctor. 

I’m not a doctor, just a researcher. But, in my opinion, cancer is highly overdiagnosed and overtreated.

That’s especially true of prostate cancer

I’ve seen lots of guys’ lives ruined because of the overtreatment of prostate cancer. (But that is an article for another day!)

But… If you do have or get cancer that needs to be treated, it is important to understand your options. 

I can’t give you medical advice. Always work with your doctor on the options that are right for you. But what I can do is present the research to you.

And right now the research is pointing to a particular type of cancer therapy that works just as well as the traditional stuff, but with FAR fewer side effects

It’s called proton therapy.

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What is proton therapy?

Proton therapy is a relatively new type of therapy used to treat cancer. 

It’s more targeted than traditional photon radiation therapy.

“Proton therapy is an FDA-approved alternative radiation treatment that directs positively charged protons at the tumor. They deposit the bulk of the radiation dose to the target with almost no residual radiation delivered beyond the target, reducing damage to surrounding healthy tissue and potentially reducing side effects.”

This targeting reduces the damage to surrounding healthy tissue compared to photon radiation therapy. 

Reduced damage is thought to improve outcomes.

What is traditional photon radiation therapy?

When people talk about cancer and radiation, they usually mean traditional photon radiation therapy. 

This is the kind of therapy you see in most TV shows and movies.

“Photon radiation typically uses multiple x-ray beams to deliver radiation to the tumor target – but unavoidably deposits radiation in the normal tissues beyond the target, potentially damaging those tissues as the beam exits the body.”

This type of therapy HAS eradicated cancer… But it also does a lot of damage to the surrounding tissues. 

For many people, the side effects are worse or as bad as the cancer.

Because of the seriously negative effects of radiation, researchers wanted to know which of these therapies produced fewer negative effects.

And they wanted to know if proton therapy works as well as radiation.

Researchers looked at side effects for both proton and photon radiation.

In this study of 1,483 cancer patients, researchers compared the effects of proton and photon radiation.

“For this study, researchers evaluated side effects including pain, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, nausea, or diarrhea, among others. Researchers focused on grade-three effects or higher, defined as side effects severe enough for patients to be hospitalized.”

What they found should seriously influence your decisions if you end up with a cancer diagnosis.

Far fewer negative side effects with proton therapy

It seems intuitive, but you don’t know until you measure. 

The proton therapy group experienced side effects that caused hospitalization with two thirds less frequency than the traditional radiation group.

“The primary outcome was whether or not patients experienced adverse side effects that were grade-three or higher within 90 days of treatment. In the proton group, only 11.5% of patients (45) did, compared to 27.6% of patients (301) in the photon group. A weighted analysis of both patient groups, which controlled for other factors that may have led to differences between the patient groups, found that the relative risk of a severe toxicity was two-thirds lower for proton patients compared to photon patients.”

That’s GREAT news… But does proton therapy work as well as traditional radiation?

Proton therapy is just as effective.

The good news is that not only did proton therapy have far fewer side effects than traditional radiation… It also worked just as well! 

I hope to never need it. But if I did I would pick proton therapy over radiation in almost every case.

“Importantly, overall survival and disease-free survival were similar between the two groups, suggesting that the reduction in toxicity seen with proton therapy did not come at the cost of reduced effectiveness.”

It’s always better to prevent cancer.

And in the case of prostate cancer, it’s often a better idea not to treat it at all. 

But if you have cancer that needs to be treated, then you might want to look at proton therapy as opposed to traditional radiation. 

The results seem to be much better.

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These men said “goodbye” to prostate problems…and they are now having the time of their lives in the bedroom

I’ve found that prostate problems and “rockiness” problems have the SAME cause.

Internal inflammation causes both.

It’s been proven again and again. As in this study:

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“These data strongly suggest that BPH is an immune inflammatory disease.”

What does this mean?

You can solve BOTH things at the same time, with a completely natural and safe remedy I’ve been using for years…

And I’ve shared this with other guys like Earl. Here’s what he’s saying about this natural prostate remedy:

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Here’s how men are saying goodbye to prostate problems and having the time of their lives in the bedroom (even doctors are doing this)…


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