Fixing fatty liver is easy – raises testosterone in men

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How fatty liver leads to low T – and a way to help fix it fast…

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Fixing Fatty Liver Fixes Low Testosterone in Men

Most guys have a fatty liver. This means the liver can’t store much sugar… So it doesn’t have enough of the glycogen fuel it uses to power the body.

A fatty liver —> not enough sugar storage —> low blood sugar —> stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

Chronically high adrenaline and cortisol levels kill testosterone more than anything else… And in many men that leads to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke…

So that brings me to one of the liver superfoods – a particular group of compounds in oranges and other citrus fruits.

One of these flavonoids, called naringenin, is particularly interesting in terms of liver and overall health – and, with it, higher testosterone.

A recent study looked at the effect of naringenin on insulin resistance in mice affected by the hepatitis C virus.

That study found that naringenin blocks insulin resistance and boosts insulin sensitivity.

The results are likely relevant to insulin resistance from any cause.

These scientists carried out their research at The Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, Anhui, China. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy published the results.

The liver is a major player in insulin resistance.

In fact, the liver is a major player in many metabolic disorders.

A lot of things can damage the liver.

In this study, researchers looked at the virus hepatitis C – which largely affects the liver.

Previously, the researchers had shown that naringenin could increase insulin sensitivity.

“In our previous study, naringenin had an insulin sensitization effect on infected mouse livers.”

A vast number of people across the world become infected with hepatitis C.

“Hepatitis C has become a serious health issue associated with approximately 185 million people infected worldwide.”

The virus is known to cause insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance occurs in hepatitis C infection in much the same way as insulin resistance from other causes.

This study was designed to find out more about how naringenin works against insulin resistance.

The researchers infected mice with the hepatitis C virus.

And they gave some of the mice naringenin before infecting them.

The experiments ran for 2 to 5 weeks.

Then they examined the animals to see if there were any effects from naringenin supplementation.

The hepatitis C virus causes insulin resistance by damaging region of the liver called the endoplasmic reticulum.

The researchers found that animals who started taking naringenin before infection were protected against damage to the endoplasmic reticulum.

(Endoplasmic reticulum – a component of certain cells, including liver cells.)

“Pretreatment with naringenin inhibited the endoplasmic reticulum stress.”

By protecting the endoplasmic reticulum, naringenin prevented insulin resistance.

“Insulin resistance could be abolished by naringenin.”

Naringenin protects the liver and increases insulin sensitivity in animals with hepatitis C.

“Naringenin treatment inhibited endoplasmic reticulum stress and increased insulin sensitivity.”

The results show how naringenin could benefit people suffering from insulin resistance – whether or not it is caused by hepatitis C.

The results are not entirely surprising.

Many previous human and animal studies show the benefits of naringenin for metabolic problems such as insulin resistance.

A 2019 research paper from the Department of Health Sciences, Brock University, in Canada summarized some of the known benefits of naringenin.

Naringenin has numerous health benefits.

It is anti-inflammatory and protects the liver and kidneys.

“Naringenin, a citrus flavanone, has been reported to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, immunomodulatory and antidiabetic properties.”

Studies in human cells have shown that naringenin’s effects on insulin resistance are relevant to humans.

It also increases energetic metabolism – helping us to burn more fat at rest.

“This study indicates that naringenin increased energy expenditure, thermogenesis and insulin sensitivity in human adipocytes.”

Naringenin is available as a supplement, but the very high doses available in supplement form may be risky.

Some research has shown that very high doses of naringenin can harm the thyroid.

It seems best to get naringenin from food.

Oranges and other citrus fruits are good sources of naringenin.

Naringenin and other similar beneficial citrus flavonoids tend to accumulate in the peel of the fruit.

Cooking citrus fruit peel before eating makes it more digestible.

And citric acid helps to further break down citrus peel to make it edible.

Marmalade (orange peel cooked in citric acid and sugar) is the best natural source of naringenin.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health-related problems.

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