Easy liver fix (eliminates toxin that causes fat buildup)

Easy Liver Fix (Eliminates Toxin That Causes Fat Buildup)

Breakthrough: a newly discovered toxin that is making men gain fat and lose muscle – here’s how to reverse it…

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Easy liver fix (eliminates toxin that causes fat buildup)

Today’s newsletter is kinda weird – but really important.

It says that we spend a lot of time under lights that are bad for our liver…

Those lights create liver problems… And I’m going to tell you what you can do about it.

So let’s begin…

Artificial light is quickly becoming one of the best understood environmental toxins.

Modern lights contain a lot of blue rays, and we are exposing ourselves to light at night more and more.

And being exposed to blue light after sunset can disrupt our sleep patterns.

Disruptions in sleep patterns are associated with heart disease, obesity, and cancer.

In addition, a new study shows how exposure to artificial light at night can cause weight gain and liver disease by increasing how much body fat our liver produces.

Nighttime light exposure enhances Rev-erbα-targeting microRNAs and contributes to hepatic steatosis

These researchers conducted their animal experiments at the Obesity and Comorbidities Research Center, Institute of Biology, University of Campinas, Brazil. They published their results in the journal Metabolism.

They designed these experiments to uncover the reasons why artificial light is associated with metabolic disorders.

“The exposure to artificial light at night disrupts the biological rhythms and has been associated with the development of metabolic syndrome.”

This experiment used fully-grown male mice who lived in the lab for a month before the experiment started.

During this month, the researchers acclimatized the mice to a 12-hour-light and 12-hour-dark cycle (the mouse equivalent of day and night – a normal healthy pattern for a lab mouse).

After the one-month acclimatization period, they kept some of the mice in bright conditions for the full 24 hours – to simulate exposure to bright light at night in humans.

The scientists then looked at the differences between the two groups of mice.

One thing they focused on was microRNAs.

MicroRNAs are small protein structures. Different environmental conditions change them and they affect metabolism.

“MicroRNAs display a critical role in fine-tuning the circadian system and energy metabolism.”

The liver is one of the key organs involved in metabolic disorders.

So the scientists examined the changes in microRNA in the liver.

“We aimed to assess whether altered microRNAs in the liver underlies metabolic disorders caused by disrupted biological rhythms.”

Exposure to artificial light changed many of the microRNAs associated with metabolic regulation.

“We found that altered microRNAs are an important mechanism underlying the disruption of the peripheral clock caused by exposure to artificial light.”

The animals exposed to artificial light began to gain fat.

They became obese and developed advanced liver disease.

“We found that the mice exposed to a 24-hour light cycle developed obesity and fatty liver.”

The constant exposure to light was reprogramming the metabolisms of the mice.

The enzymes that create body fat began to work overtime.

ACL and FAS are two enzymes in the body that produce body fat.

Constant exposure to light led to an increase in fat-creating enzymes in the experimental animals.

And this is why they got fat…

“We found that mice exposed to 24-hr light developed obesity and hepatic steatosis because of upregulation of fat-creating enzymes in the liver.”

The mice got fat all over.

But the fat was being created in the liver and much of the fat stayed in the liver.

That increased production of fat totally clogged up their livers.

And this caused damage leading to hepatic steatosis, or fatty liver disease.

Fatty liver disease is becoming increasingly common.

It is associated with insulin resistance, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Fatty liver disease can develop into serious liver conditions such as liver cancer.

Exposure to light at night can disrupt the body clock – leading to obesity and liver disease.

“The disruption of the peripheral clock caused by exposure to artificial light at night could lead to obesity hepatic steatosis.”

In recent decades, statisticians have discovered that shift working and sleep disorders are associated with obesity, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome.

These experiments explain some of the reasons why poor sleep and night-time exposure to light are a major health risk.

It’s a good idea to limit blue light after sunset.

Incandescent bulbs are good – they usually give out a healthy orange light.

Apps such as F.lux can minimize the amount of blue light coming at you from your electronic screens. Apple includes their own version of this in most of their new products.

—-Important Message—-

Fatty liver kills men’s sexual performance – here’s how to clean up a fatty liver

Most men with low testosterone have a fatty liver.

The fat in the liver stops testosterone production.

But when a man cleans his liver out, the cells are free to make more testosterone again…

And this leads to MUCH better erections – almost instantly.

That’s why men who clean up their livers start experiencing tremendously stiff and engorged erections again – and can last longer in the bedroom.

And now I’ve come up with my very own super-easy liver cleanse for men.

My liver protocol cleans out all the bad fat and toxins that accumulate there over time.

So your liver goes from looking like this…

Your liver, Age 60

…to THIS…

Your liver, Age 20

Here’s the Matt Cook Liver Cleanse Protocol for men that gives you much better erections (and it’s FREE).






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