Death by supplements? This is a must-read

Death by supplements? This is a must-read

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Men are leaving the hospital with instructions to take a new treatment – and instead of making them healthier, it’s putting them BACK in the hospital…

—-Important Message About Medications—-

WARNING: Are you taking any of these dangerous blood pressure treatments?

Here’s a list of all the medications you may be taking for blood pressure, which ones are better, and which ones to avoid.

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Death by supplements

Big Medicine wants to take supplements away from you and me.

They hate us taking supplements.

In order to outlaw them, they have to claim that the supplements are harmful.

But they can’t.

All they do is point to “harm” but can’t really specify a single death, ever, of someone who was taking good quality nutritional supplements.

Not one death.

But we are always fighting them… For instance, they are trying to outlaw biotin without a prescription.

Biotin is a B vitamin incredibly helpful for diabetes and they want to make it a prescription drug so they can jack up the price.

We will let you know if they succeed… Meanwhile, consider the REAL danger…

And that starts with any time you may need a procedure in the hospital.

Older adults who are hospitalized are often sent home with WAY TOO MUCH medication – or not the right medication. 

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And it’s causing lots of harm.

I’m not a doctor… So I can’t tell you what to do or not do about meds. 

But I can relay the information I find, which I feel is my ethical obligation. I can’t just let this stuff go on and not say anything.

This study was done in the UK, but I’ve seen similar problems in the US as well. 

Before you let your doc (or hospital) prescribe willy-nilly, MAKE SURE you understand exactly what each medication is for and when you can stop using it.

Incidence and cost of medication harm in older adults following hospital discharge: a multicentre prospective study in the UK

Medication can cause just as much harm as good.

I mean, we all KNOW that there are a thousand and one legal disclaimers on every bottle of medicine…

And sometimes the side effects of medicine are downright scary! 

But most people don’t think of medicine as actually causing HARM.

But the reality is that they can and DO cause harm. 

This is especially common in older adults, but can also cause harm in younger adults and kids as well. 

It’s never a good idea to assume a medicine is 100% safe.

“New research indicates that harm from medicines is common in older adults following hospital discharge…”

You’d think this would be incredibly uncommon. But it’s VERY, VERY common. 

In this British study, they found that 1 out of 3 older adults experienced harm from their meds after a hospital stay! 33%. 

Wow. Let me say that again… 

1 in 3 older adults is harmed by medication after a hospital stay.

And this study also found that at least HALF of the people harmed by their Big Pharma meds didn’t need to be harmed… 

It was preventable.

That’s outrageous, if you ask me. And it’s something we need to be informed about so we can prevent it.

“In the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology study, medication-related harm affected 1 in 3 older adults following hospital discharge, of which 50% was potentially preventable.”

Here’s what I think is the worst part: 

In only 25% of the cases, medication harm was caused by not taking the medicine properly. 

This means that in 75% of cases, the harm was caused by the medicine itself, taken properly.

This makes me so frustrated.

“In the study of 1,280 older adults from 5 teaching hospitals in Southern England, failure to take medications properly was implicated in one-quarter of cases of medication harm.”

The way that scientists talk about this huge problem of medication harm is to talk about risk to benefit. 

Basically, that means figuring out if the meds will cause more harm than good or more good than harm. 

This isn’t always the easiest thing to understand because Big Pharma wants people to take their treatments, so they make money. 

That’s why the side effects are in such FINE print.

The risk-to-benefit analysis is particularly complex in the older population. Any decision to prescribe medicines should be made in close collaboration with patients and carers, with a tentative stop date and with monitoring of correct usage and adverse reactions.”

And that’s why I started out this piece by talking about being really careful about the meds you take. 

Because if 1/3 of older adults in Britain are having adverse reactions to meds after being hospitalized, than the medical community is probably NOT looking at risk-benefit ratios in the way they should.

It’s really up to you to do that for yourself and your loved ones. 

And you do that by knowing the risks and assessing them. 

Read the labels. Know what you’re getting into and decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth it.

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