This natural mineral amplifies a man’s drive by 72% overnight

This natural mineral amplifies a man’s drive by 72% overnight

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This natural mineral amplifies a man’s sex drive by 72% overnight

Zinc is an essential element found in a number of foods. 

And it is a critical factor in over 300 enzymatic processes in the body.

Nutritionally, zinc is well-known for its protective effect on the reproductive system and the brain.

So the results of a study showing that zinc can boost testosterone should not be surprising. 

The same study also shows that zinc boosts thyroid hormone.

Testosterone and thyroid hormone levels tend to dip with aging. 

And both are critical factors in maintaining more muscle mass and less body fat.

Effect of fatiguing bicycle exercise on thyroid hormone and testosterone levels in sedentary males supplemented with oral zinc.

These researchers conducted this human experiment at Firat University in Turkey. The Journal of Neuroendocrinology published the results.

The lab had previously conducted zinc experiments on animals. They found that zinc supplementation increased testosterone in rats.

Those findings led researchers to set up a human trial. They enrolled 10 men – the men were young but sedentary.

“The study included 10 volunteers (mean age, 19 years) who did not exercise.”

They gave the men zinc supplements orally for one month. 

They dosed the zinc by body weight, and it ended up being about 3 to 4 times the recommended daily amount.

“All subjects received supplements of oral zinc sulfate (3 mg/kg/day) for 4 weeks and their normal diets.”

They put the men through an exercise regime on a sedentary bicycle. 

The participants performed this endurance exercise task before supplementation and again at the end of the four-week trial.

The scientists took blood samples and looked at the levels of testosterone and thyroid hormones before and after supplementation.

“Thyroid hormone and testosterone levels of all subjects were determined at rest and after bicycle exercise before and after zinc supplementation.”

And it turned out that exercise lowered the amount of thyroid hormones in circulation.

“The thyroid hormones TT3, TT4, FT3, decreased after exercise compared to resting levels before supplementation.”

Our bodies perceive exercise as stress.

Therefore, exercise tends to lower the metabolic rate when it is intense and long in duration. 

Metabolic rate is controlled by thyroid hormones, so this explains the decrease of thyroid hormones with exercise.

The stress of exercise also lowered testosterone.

“Total and free testosterone levels decreased after exercise compared to resting levels before supplementation.”

But after a month of zinc supplementation, testosterone and thyroid hormones increased.

“Resting hormone values were higher after 4 weeks of supplementation.”

After zinc supplementation, the participants’ free testosterone increased by up to 50%.

Zinc supplementation also protected testosterone levels against the effect of exercise.

“Fatigue hormone values were higher after 4 weeks of supplementation than the fatigue values before supplementation.”

Post-exercise testosterone levels doubled after four weeks of zinc supplementation.

Zinc boosted resting thyroid hormones by about 10%. 

It could not protect thyroid hormone levels from the effect of cardiovascular exercise-induced stress, however.

Cardiovascular exercise can lower critical hormones. 

Zinc can protect testosterone and increase critical hormone levels at rest.

“Exercise decreases thyroid hormones and testosterone in sedentary men; however, zinc supplementation prevents this decrease.”

So what does this study mean?

Men should make sure that they are getting adequate levels of dietary zinc. 

Consuming the recommended daily allowance (or a little bit more) is probably a good target to shoot for.


In excessive amounts, zinc can lower another critical hormone, DHT – and DHT is responsible for many of the male characteristics.

Zinc must be kept in a good balance to keep testosterone and DHT high.

This study also shows us the effect of high-intensity cardio exercise on those two critical hormones, testosterone and thyroid.

Exercise is very beneficial for health. 

But the combination of high-intensity and long-duration exercise is too stressful for the body.

This is why endurance-type cardio training seems like a bad idea. 

Exercise can be short and intense, such as sprints or weight training – with adequate rest periods. 

This type of exercise can protect the levels of critical hormones in the body.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner to diagnose and treat any health problems.

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