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New herbal formula to fight Parkinsons?

Every part of the world has its own reservoir of traditional herbal medicine.

In the past, herbal medicine was dismissed by Western science.

But recently, Western science has become interested in testing the claims of herbal medicine.

Parkinson’s disease treatments have proven difficult to find.

So scientists are becoming more interested in possible herbal solutions to Parkinson’s.

Recently, scientists tested three herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine for their effects against Parkinson’s.

The herbs showed promise in cell tests and animal experiments.

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These researchers did experiments at Yonsei University in Korea. The journal Nature published the results.

The researchers looked at the effect of three herbs used in Asian herbal medicine.

“Moutan cortex, Angelica Dahurica root, and Bupleurum root are traditional herbal medicines used in Asian countries to treat various diseases.”

The researchers created experimental models of Parkinson’s disease in isolated cells and then in mice.

They did this by using two toxins.

“The toxins MPTP and MPP+ were used to make experimental models of Parkinson’s disease.”

Parkinson’s disease causes a couple of problems in the brain.

Firstly, Parkinson’s disease decreases the amount of dopamine produced in certain parts of the brain.

Dopamine is critical for proper brain function.

Parkinson’s disease is also associated with lower energy production in the brain.

Mitochondria, which produce brain energy, become damaged.

The toxins used in this study lower dopamine and brain energy production – just like organic Parkinson’s disease.

“The neurotoxins both exert neurotoxic effects on dopaminergic neurons by inhibiting mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation.”

These toxins were effective in creating these problems in the models using cells and in the animal models.

The researchers then tested the effect of the herbal mix on their Parkinson’s disease models.

The herbal remedies prevented Parkinson’s-like changes to the cells exposed to the toxins.

“The herbs ameliorated the suppression of tyrosine hydroxylase expression.”

Tyrosine hydroxylase is the enzyme that creates dopamine.

As I already mentioned, low dopamine is a signature of Parkinson’s disease.

Cells treated with the herbal mix also caused retention of healthy energy production.

“The herbs ameliorated mitochondrial damage and protected oxygen consumption rate.”

These two effects could be very protective against Parkinson’s disease.

After the experiments with cells, the researchers moved on to experiments on mice.

Mice treated with the herbs retained healthier levels of dopamine in the brain after exposure to the toxins.

“In the Parkinson’s mice, oral administration of herbs recovered dopamine levels.”

One of the outward signs of Parkinson’s disease is slow movement. Doctors call this bradykinesia.

The herbal remedies protected the animals against developing bradykinesia.

“Oral administration of herbs inhibited the onset of bradykinesia, as determined by the rotarod test.”

In the rotarod test, the animals must balance a moving rod – showing coordination and ease of movement.

“To determine forelimb and hindlimb motor coordination and balance, we performed the rotarod test as described previously.”

One region of the brain is particularly affected in Parkinson’s disease – the substantia nigra.

The herbal mix protected the substantia nigra against the Parkinson’s toxins.

“The herbs protected against neuronal damage in the substantia nigra and striatum.”

So this herbal mix protects both energy production and dopamine levels in Parkinson’s models.

”The triple herbal extract showed protective effects by alleviating mitochondrial damage in experimental models of Parkinson’s disease.”

The findings led the scientists to recommend further research into these herbal medicines for the treatment of Parkinson’s.

“We propose that the triple herbal extract may be a suitable candidate for disease modifying therapies for Parkinson’s disease.”

The mechanisms indicate that this remedy may be useful for people with Parkinson’s disease.

“The herbal blend may be a promising complementary and preventative therapy to slow or halt the progression of Parkinson’s disease.”

You should consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health problems.

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Triple herbal extract DA-9805 exerts a neuroprotective effect via amelioration of mitochondrial damage in experimental models of Parkinson’s disease