Tired all the time? This little thyroid tip can help restore energy

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This can help you whether you have thyroid problems or not

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Tired all the time? This little thyroid tip can help restore energy

T3 is the real thyroid hormone. 

It is essential that cells get adequate T3 in order to produce enough energy to keep you healthy.

But there are other thyroid hormones. T4 is made by the thyroid gland and it circulates readily in the blood.

T4 can be converted into T3 — that is its purpose.

Low thyroid (hypothyroidism) is usually treated with synthetic T4.

This would be fine if the body was able to convert all of this T4 into the real thyroid hormone — T3.

But for many people this is not the case. 

Much of the supplemental T4 (Synthroid) never gets converted into the real thyroid hormone.

This was recently confirmed yet again in a human study.

If you have a metabolic issue, get your thyroid checked — and make sure you have a doctor well schooled in ALL the thyroid hormones!

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Research was carried out at the Department of Medicine and Rehabilitation, Policlinico di Monza, Monza, Italy. The results were published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Resting energy expenditure is the amount of energy you use at rest.

Higher energy production is better (within reason) because more energy allows the body to work more efficiently. 

With more energy, mental performance improves — as does recovery. Susceptibility to metabolic disease goes down when resting energy expenditure is high.

Low resting energy expenditure is one of the classic problems in hypothyroidism and obesity.

“Growing evidence suggests that Synthroid (T4) replacement therapy may not correct the full set of metabolic defects afflicting individuals with hypothyroidism.”

This study was designed to look at changes in resting energy expenditure in obese people with hypothyroidism.

They compared hypothyroid people taking Synthroid against people with normal thyroid labs.

The study used data from over 600 women. Thyroid hormone, unlike progesterone or testosterone, works in the same way men and women.

The participants were split into 2 groups. Group selection was dependent on whether or not the patients were taking Synthroid.

In group 1, the participants were hypothyroid and taking a Synthroid supplement.

In group 2, the participants had normal thyroid labs.

The researchers carried out tests looking at resting energy expenditure. 

They wanted to know whether taking Synthroid (T4) had any direct effect on energy output at rest. 

(Increasing the real thyroid hormone T3 would certainly increase resting energy expenditure.)

“We assessed resting energy expenditure and body composition using indirect calorimetry and bioimpedance.”

The research showed that patients on Synthroid continued to have low resting energy expenditure.

Even though they were taking a thyroid supplement, their metabolism was not corrected.

“Resting energy expenditure was reduced in women with hypothyroidism in Synthroid therapy when compared to healthy controls.”

The researchers then performed another analysis. In this case, they adjusted for things like age, weight, BMI, and level of physical activity.

Still, people taking Synthroid were found to have low resting energy expenditure.

Synthroid (T4) is the most common treatment for low thyroid (hypothyroidism). But there is mountains of evidence to show that it does not work for many people.

Previous human studies have shown that Synthroid is unable to cure the major symptoms of hypothyroidism.

This research shows that it can’t cure the symptoms because it does not cure the energy deficiency.

“The results of this study are in line with the hypothesis that Synthroid (T4) replacement therapy may not fully correct metabolic alterations related to hypothyroidism.”

Remember that the purpose of the T4 (Synthroid) is to be converted into T3. T3 is the real thyroid hormone.

If and when people don’t convert T4 into T3, then their thyroid problems cannot improve.

Many hypothyroid people simply cannot convert enough of the Synthroid (T4) into the active thyroid hormone (T3) — so they remain ill.

The problem can be addressed in a number of ways. The easiest is to supplement appropriate amounts of T3 alongside T4.

You should always see a doctor if you are considering changing your thyroid hormone medications.

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