This forgotten remedy reverses prostate inflammation fast

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This forgotten remedy reverses prostate inflammation fast

Prostate problems can be hinted at through several common signs.

The classic symptom of prostate problems is frequent urination.

Frequent urination is brought on by an enlarged prostate (prostatic hyperplasia/hypertrophy).

Researchers have studied this phenomenon for ages.

So what starts to happen in men when they hit middle age that causes an enlarged prostate?

Once, an enlarged prostate used to be a disease mostly associated with Western, caucasian men. 

Nowadays, prostate pathologies (like prostate cancer) are still more prominent in the Western world, but becoming more common throughout the world.

As early as 1931, the incidence of enlarged prostate or “prostatic hypertrophy” was found to be as follows:

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Similar to the modern statistics, we can observe a steadily increasing occurrence of prostate enlargement from age 36 onwards, reaching a certain plateau after the age of 60. 

Hirsch tried to link the incidence of prostate hypertrophy with the sexual practices of men. 

More specifically, the sudden change in sexual practices occurring during the fourth decade of life, associated with a markedly reduced frequency of sexual activities:

“Every urologist knows that if a man leads a normal sexual existence and then suddenly ceases to have indulgence, his prostate will become congested, frequently giving rise to urinary disorders. When such a case presents itself, we find on rectal examination a large tender prostate” – Hirsch (1931)

This description matches the experience of men today as well as it did 90 years ago.

Sexual stimulation

Without adequate sexual stimulation, the prostate seems to swell and lead to the common problems.

Interestingly enough, celibate clergymen did not seem to experience such difficulties, according to Hirsch.

The crucial consideration is clearly the often precipitous change in sexual practices around a man’s midlife, not the total abstinence from sexual activities. 

A study by Capodice et al. evaluated the outcomes of prostate stimulation for 115 men suffering from various lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). 

The self-reported results showed significant symptom relief for more than half of the men in the study.

This highlights the importance of stimulation of the prostate through healthy and regular sexual practices, which prevents any potential “backlog” in the prostate, causing hypertrophy and the associated symptoms.

More research on the topic of sexual practices and prostate health is necessary, but it seems clear that sex is not merely a pleasant activity.

It is in fact a fundamental component of men’s health.

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