This boosts ATP and restores teenage-like metabolism

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Supercharge your energy levels by generating more ATP

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This boosts ATP and restores teenage-like metabolism

You know by now I’m all about the energy, right?

I believe that almost every problem in the body can be reversed if we can help the body to generate enough energy to do that work.

This theory is called bioenergetics — the idea that health and energy production are intricately interconnected.

I don’t mean nonsensical, nondescript, magical energy.

I mean hardcore, measurable, biochemical and electrical energy. Real stuff.

A recent study on osteoarthritis illustrates this idea perfectly.

Researchers found that a molecule called adenosine can reverse osteoarthritis.

Adenosine is produced from ATP — the primary energetic molecule in the body.

This means that greater energy production (more ATP) could reverse osteoarthritis, because with more ATP there will be more adenosine available.

(ATP is short for adenosine-triphosphate.)

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The animal experiments were carried out at the NYU School of Medicine. The results were published in Scientific Reports.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease. It causes joints to degrade and become inflamed.

Officially there are no treatments. (But I have previously reported on some experiments that increase energy and help osteoarthritis…)

“Osteoarthritis affects nearly 10% of the population of the United States, short of joint replacement, there is no available therapy that can reverse the progression of the disease.”

But adenosine is an organic compound widely found in nature.

Adenosine regulates the growth of cartilage and other tissues which are destroyed in osteoarthritis.

The researchers were curious whether extra adenosine could slow or reverse osteoarthritis.

“Adenosine is a critical factor for maintenance of cartilage homeostasis.”

So they devised some experiments using rodents with osteoarthritis.

Some rodents were given injections of adenosine into their arthritic joints.

The adenosine injections greatly slowed the progression of osteoarthritis.

“Adenosine significantly reduced osteoarthritis cartilage damage in a rodent model of obesity induced osteoarthritis.”

Osteoarthritis is strongly tied to obesity (a low energy problem) and those initial experiments were done with obese rodents.

But the researchers wanted to check if adenosine could help with osteoarthritis caused by injury too.

The second set of experiments showed that adenosine has a general protective effect on joints affected with osteoarthritis.

Adenosine seems to work regardless of the cause of osteoarthritis.

“The same treatment also improved swelling and preserved cartilage in the affected knees of rats with post-traumatic osteoarthritis.”

Further research by the same showed that adenosine was activating a receptor which, in turn, helped the body to resist tissue destruction seen in osteoarthritis.

Big Pharma will certainly look to make expensive, patentable treatments which activate this receptor.

But there are probably easier, cheaper, and safer ways to do this.

Namely, you need to increase your own internal energy production.

ATP is the primary energy currency in the body. It is produced in the mitochondrial energy centers inside and outside cells.

We know now why ATP/energy is so important for degenerative arthritis — because ATP is broken down into adenosine…

The source of adenosine is primarily from ATP… With age, inflammation and injury, ATP levels fall, likely as a result of mitochondrial dysfunction.”

So with lower ATP you have less adenosine to stimulate receptors which protect against osteoarthritis.

Most of the things I write about most frequently in my newsletters increase ATP.

Optimizing thyroid boosts ATP.

Optimizing sugar oxidation increases ATP.

Lowering bacterial endotoxin increases ATP.

Decreasing cortisol and estrogen increases ATP, etc.

It’s not all that difficult to supercharge your energy levels — generating more, high-energy ATP to help with repair of the body — if you know what you’re doing.

Blocking tissue destruction, like that seen in osteoarthritis, is just one benefit of higher energy production.

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Intraarticular injection of liposomal adenosine reduces cartilage damage in established murine and rat models of osteoarthritis