Take the tooth test to see if you have thyroid problems

Dental hygiene.

This will tell you if your thyroid is working like it should be

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Use the tooth test to see if you have thyroid problems

This is one of the most persistent myths: the idea that cavities and general tooth decay are irreversible.

It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Provided the appropriate physiological conditions are met, the process which led to the development of cavities can be stopped and even reversed.

This is the principle of remineralization of the tooth.

Yes, it is possible!

The body is capable of fully stopping and even reversing the process of tooth decay, including tooth cavity.

This topic is covered in Dr. Judene Benoit’s 2015 book How to Stop Cavities: A Natural Approach to Prevention and Remineralization.

One major factor for prevention (or even reversal) of cavities is optimizing thyroid function:

“Studies have shown that cavities are inversely related to thyroid function. That is, as thyroid function decreases, incidence of cavities increases.” – Dr. Judene Benoit (2015)

Indeed, as Dr. Benoit explains at length in her book, tooth decay is primarily initiated by low pH (or an acid environment) in the mouth:

“pH is an important concept for remineralization of teeth because in the presence of acid, minerals dissolve out of the tooth.”

Thankfully, this can be prevented, and Dr. Benoit discusses several measures in her book.

The most important, however, may be to regulate thyroid function.

When thyroid function is adequate, saliva is able to buffer the transient drops in pH and prevent the demineralization or decay of the surface of the tooth.

In other words, thyroid hormone modulates the quality of saliva.

Insufficient thyroid hormone leads to a more acidic saliva.

Research by Haldi, Wynn, and Law found lower oral pH (more acidic) in thyroidectomized animals.

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So what does this mean in terms of practical solutions?

To be protective, saliva needs to remain neutral in pH, and if low thyroid is involved, fixing it can solve many problems.

In one study by Bixler and Muhler, rats fed a diet enriched with dessicated thyroid had a significantly decreased incidence of cavities.

If you feel like your oral health is not where it should be, and are experiencing signs of tooth decay, it can make sense to investigate the status of your thyroid.

Low body temperature (should be around 98.6F during the day) is a pretty clear indicator of low thyroid function.

There are many possible interventions which can help to raise thyroid function, including supplementation with a synthetic or dessicated product.

This should be helpful in controlling tooth decay and improving overall oral health.

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