Raising folic acid this way can bring back raging towel hangers for men

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Raising folic acid this way can bring back raging towel hangers for men

Folic acid is vitamin B9 — and the food form is called folate.

Food sources of vitamin B9 include leafy green vegetables and liver.

A deficiency is linked to birth defects, fertility problems, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and even susceptibility to malaria.

In recent years, researchers have even discovered a link between vitamin B9 and insulin resistance.

Some research even links low levels of folic acid in the blood to erections problems and metabolic problems like insulin resistance.

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Researchers at First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University in China looked at the relationship between insulin resistance and erections problems.

Their research was published in PLoS One.

Doctors examined almost 300 young men who had complained of suffering from poor erections for at least 6 months.

They were tested for insulin resistance and they also completed a standard questionnaire (IIEF-5) to assess the degree of erections problems.

Insulin resistance was strongly linked to the degree of poor erections suffered by these young men.

“Insulin resistance was the most prevalent cardiovascular risk factor. It was independently associated with ‘penile’ dysfunction in its severity, suggesting an adverse effect of insulin resistance on ‘penile function.

Those doctors believe the data shows that insulin resistance is a partial cause of bad rockiness.

Another piece of the puzzle comes to us from the Graduate School of Peking Union Medical College in China.

This comes from a paper published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

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In these animal experiments, mice were made insulin resistant by feeding them a high-fat diet.

Some of those mice were given supplemental folic acid.

Supplemental folic acid significantly reduced insulin resistance in high-fat diet fed mice.

“Mice exposed to the high-fat diet displayed a significant increase in blood glucose and insulin levels. Folic acid supplementation improved insulin resistance in these mice.”

Those mice also gained less fat and folic acid seemed to limit an increase in genes which cause obesity and other metabolic problems triggered by the high-fat diet.

The final piece of the puzzle came to light only recently when researchers at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt looked at the relationship between blood levels of folic acid and poor rockiness

While accounting for other high risk factors for erections problems.

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The human research was published in Urology.

“We compared blood folic acid levels in patients with ‘penile’ dysfunction against that of healthy controls and assessed its correlation with other well-known confounders for ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

The researchers carried out their comparisons in 60 men who had been diagnosed with erections problems and 30 men who did not suffer with the condition.

They had already excluded a number of different conditions which could confuse the results.

“Patients were excluded if they had hormonal disorders, Peyronie’s disease, or decompensated systemic illness.”

The researchers assessed the extent of erections problems using the IIEF-5 — an internationally used standardised questionnaire.

They also carried out ultrasound scans of the penis.

The researchers found massive differences in blood folic acid levels when they compared men with erections problems against those with healthy boners.

Men with poor erections had almost half the levels of folic acid in their blood compared with men who didn’t have the condition.

“Our study revealed that folic acid levels were 7.1 in men with ‘penile’ dysfunction versus 13.4 in men without the condition.”

This is an amazingly strong relationship which is further strengthened by the results of previous research discussed above.

The researchers found that folic acid levels were very significant, even when they corrected for other common risk factors for bad rockiness.

“Folic acid levels decreased as the severity of ‘penile’ dysfunction increased even after adjusting for age, testosterone, diabetes and smoking.”

They reverse engineered the figures and found that folic acid levels could be used as a reliable predictor of erections problems.

Once folic acid levels dropped below 9.42, men had an 80% chance of having erections problems.

“We showed that the best cut-off point for folic acid to detect patients with ‘penile’ dysfunction was 9.42.”

The researchers concluded on the basis of that study that folic acid deficiency could be a risk factor for erections problems.

As we’ve seen, other studies seem to support the conclusion.

“Folic acid deficiency might be an independent risk factor for ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

Well cooked, green leafy vegetables like spinach are good sources of folic acid. So is liver.

Usually food sources are enough to normalise folic acid levels.

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