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Strange cheap-as-dirt supplement keeps men young

The adrenal glands (or cortex) is a bit of mystery for most people.

Loose terms of “adrenal fatigue” are often used to describe various symptoms.

The adrenal glands are very important organs located just above the kidneys, and they appear to be particularly involved in situations of stress.

Considering the extremely inadequate environment (food, light, toxins, EMFs, psychosocial influences etc.) which most humans live in today…

…the safe thing is to assume that nearly everyone is experiencing a state of chronic “stress.”

Stress is characterized by a state where the resources of the body are insufficient to meet the challenging demands of the situation or life.

As a practical example, imagine an individual receiving little to no sunshine, with an unpleasant job, a diet devoid of most nutrients, and a moldy apartment.

In most cases, such an individual would be under a tremendous amount of stress.

This is where the adrenal glands kick in big time.

They are always active, but seem to “pick up the slack” so to speak in situations like the one described above.

Young people are often resilient enough, with an abundance of youth hormones and energy, that their need for adrenal activity is somewhat lessened.

(Hormones are also synthesized in other tissues like muscles, brain and gonads)

The adrenals can go into overdrive, as a backup in situations of emergency.

In the modern life world, every day can be perceived as an emergency situation by the organism.

Hormones like DHEA, progesterone and testosterone are associated with youth.

They are protective against virtually any inadequacies in our environments.

This is why young people (but not necessarily children) can adapt to difficult circumstances with relative ease.

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‘’We propose that the pre-pubertal DHEA/DHEAS surge plays a key role in modulating early brain development, perhaps by prolonging brain plasticity during childhood to allow the pre-adolescent brain to adapt and re-wire in response to new, and ever-changing social challenges.’’ – Greaves et al. (2019)

As we all know, this adaptability declines with age. The reason is straightforward.

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One of the three main layers of the adrenal cortex is the zona reticularis.

It is the layer which is responsible for the synthesis of the DHEA.

This layer atrophies with aging, while the others (zona glomerulosa, fasciculata) remain active throughout life.

“This age-associated decrease has been termed adrenopause despite the fact that the activity of the zona fasciculata and the zona glo-merulosa does not change with age.’’ – Allolio et al. (2017)

This creates an imbalance between catabolic, “stress’’ hormones of cortisol and aldosterone, while DHEA levels decline with aging.

DHEA has been labeled as the “fountain of youth.’’

Obviously, this is hyperbole, but there is still a lot of truth to this.

DHEA levels peak in the prime of youth (mid-20s), and then decline progressively:

“The peak plasma levels of DHEA and DHEAS occur at approximately age 25 years, decrease progressively thereafter, and diminish by 95 per cent around the age of 85 years. The decline of DHEAS concentrations with aging has led to the suggestion that DHEAS could play a role in itself and be implicated in longevity.” – Leowattana (2001)

It is likely that the zona reticularis atrophies more quickly in individuals who have been under the highest levels of stress.

In essence, the role of the adrenals in youth is to provide a constructive balance of stress hormones like cortisol, while also supplying DHEA which is protective against the catabolic effect of stress.

There is nothing any of us can do about our previous life circumstances.

And aside from taking steps to tackle the stress we have in the present, small amounts of DHEA supplementation can be very helpful at restoring youthful characteristics.

DHEA is freely available. Less is more, because an excess will be converted to estrogen.

Here is a quote by Ray Peat, PhD which I think is extremely informative:

“Young people produce about 12 to 15 milligrams of DHEA per day, and that amount decreases by about 2 mg. per day for every decade after the age of 30. This is one of the reasons that young people eat more without getting fat, and tolerate cold weather better: DHEA, like the thyroid hormone, increases our heat production and ability to burn calories. At the age of 50, about 4 mg. of DHEA per day will usually restore the level of DHEA in the blood to a youthful level. It is important to avoid taking more than needed, since some people (especially if they are deficient in progesterone, pregnenolone, or thyroid) can turn the excess into estrogen or testosterone, and large amounts of those sex hormones can disturb the function of the thymus gland and the liver. – Peat (2006)

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