How to prevent changes in blood sodium that lead to cognitive decline

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Too high or too low blood sodium can be deadly for your mind and memory…

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How to prevent changes in blood sodium that lead to cognitive decline

As people get older, the amount of sodium in the blood tends to get lower.

Some have suspected that low blood sodium could be associated with cognitive decline — the loss of intellectual abilities.

A new study shows that low-sodium and high-sodium are associated with cognitive decline in older men.

Addressing the causes of sodium dysregulation could decrease cognitive impairment in aging.

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This human study was conducted at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

The results were published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Remarkably, at the outset of this study, the relationship between sodium and cognitive decline was not known.

“The association of lower serum sodium with cognition in older adults is currently unknown.”

The study pulled data from over 5000 men over the age of 65. These men were included in a study on osteoporotic fractures.

“5,435 community-dwelling men aged ≥65 years who participated in the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men study were included in this analysis.”

The study compared initial blood sodium levels against the risk of cognitive decline at a later time point. (About about 4.5 years later)

“We set out to examine the association between baseline fasting serum sodium levels and the odds of prevalent cognitive impairment.”

This study used a number of standard tests to assess cognitive impairment and cognitive decline.

These tests are known as the mini mental status test and the trail making test.

The study found that low blood sodium is associated with cognitive impairment — a mild disruption in intellectual ability.

“Lower serum sodium was associated with prevalent cognitive impairment.”

Low sodium was also associated with more advanced cognitive decline.

“Lower serum sodium was also associated with cognitive decline.”

The study showed for the first time that low sodium is associated with poor mental function in aging.

“In community-dwelling older men, low serum sodium is associated with prevalent cognitive impairment and cognitive decline, respectively.”

This should not be any surprise given that the symptoms of low blood sodium are similar to cognitive decline.

One of the symptoms of low sodium is decreased ability to think (cognitive decline).

Some of the more advanced symptoms of low sodium include confusion and poor balance.

Men with blood sodium levels just below the normal range had a 37% increased risk of cognitive decline.

Low sodium is associated with attention deficits, gait disturbances, falls, cardiovascular events, and premature death.

Low sodium can be caused by inadequate dietary salt or too much fluid.

However, it seems likely that there are other common causes.

More salt and less water may not be the solution for most people.

Low sodium can be caused by hypothyroidism, alcohol intake, heart problems, liver problems, kidney problems, and so on.

It is important that the causes of low sodium are properly investigated before treatment.

The study also found that high blood sodium is associated with cognitive decline. 

“High blood sodium was additionally associated with cognitive decline.”

This finding makes it even more important that blood sodium levels are assessed and that the causes are known prior before treatment.

Many treatments and supplements can affect blood sodium and sometimes doctors do not recognise the severity of the effect of these treatments in older people.

Sometimes the effects of treatments or health problems on cognitive decline are ignored.

Cognitive decline can be seen as an accepted symptom of aging, rather than a side effect of medications.

But cognitive decline may be caused by factors other than aging — elements that can be addressed to improve cognitive function.

One of the authors noted that sodium levels are often overlooked in medicine.

“Slightly lower sodium levels in the blood are likely to be unnoticed in clinical practice.”

The causes of low and high blood sodium in ageing need to be further investigated.

This could be a fertile ground for improving the health of older people.

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Serum Sodium and Cognition in Older Community-Dwelling Men

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