How to preserve penis size

How to preserve penis size

Several things can make a man’s penis smaller.

One of those things is if a man has his prostate removed.

If he has a Prostatectomy.

There is nothing more tragic than today’s treatment of prostate cancer.

Almost all men would be better off not treating their prostate cancer.

They would die of old age, happy and relatively healthy.

But with today’s overtreatment of prostate cancer, they often end up with a small penis and a non-existent sex life.


This is one of the few articles that shows the effect on men treated with prostatectomy.

These men find that their penis shrinks significantly.

It doesn’t matter whether the prostate was removed with the nerve-sparing procedure or not.

Length seems to decrease 15% or more.

As the researchers conclude rather drily:

Our findings support observations of decreased penile length after radical prostatectomy. Men should be counseled before radical prostatectomy that penile shortening may occur.

Another study points the way to potential recovery for a man.

This was a better study because it went over a longer time.

They started before the surgery and then continued for five years afterward.

They not only measured penis size, but they also asked about erectile function.

Measurements of the stretched penis were taken preoperatively and at 3, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months postoperatively.

A STANDARD questionnaire was used to evaluate erectile function. 

The basic finding is that over several years, the penis can come back to near its former size.

But that this is only likely to happen for a man who has good erections and regular intercourse.

There does tend to be one more factor that can help men were going to be undergoing a radical prostatectomy.

And it will also help someone who already had one.

Researchers directed these men to use a vacuum erection device as quickly as they could after their prostate was removed.

The device pulls blood into the penis.

And it seems to help replace the function that “morning wood” would serve.

It helps re-oxygenate the tissues and prevents hypoxia which will cause long-term fibrosis in the penis.

The results were much better:

At 5 years 62% remained sexually active, of whom 71% had natural erections sufficient for intercourse without assistance.

At 5 years 38% of the men were sexually inactive.

I have not seen studies of penis size with the vacuum erection device.

But, I am very confident that men who follow the vacuum erection device treatment will retain their penis size.

Especially if they also engage in regular sexual intercourse.

Or, it will come back to its former size within a relatively short time.

And they will also retain their sexual function.

Think of it as a “use it or lose it” situation.

Men who have their prostate removed, but who do not have sex regularly, are not likely to regain sexual function.

It’s not likely to come back easily if they don’t use it regularly.

Fibrosis develops in the penis of the long run if the man doesn’t engage in regular intercourse.

So — use it, or you will definitely lose it.




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