How to increase testosterone without increasing stroke and heart disease

How to increase testosterone without increasing stroke and heart disease

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It’s quite clear that having low testosterone leads to having a shorter and less pleasant life.

In this newsletter, I want to give you some facts about testosterone and lifespan.

And how you can increase both.

Let’s look at the first analysis.

It looked at a whole bunch of studies that examine men’s testosterone levels.

It looked at if they got sick or died within a certain period.

In medical language, low testosterone is called hypogonadism.

It’s quite clear that:

Lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels correlate with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death from it.

Here’s where it gets interesting.
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The pharmaceutical corporations are always trying to make $50 billion here or there.

And they saw an opportunity with testosterone.

They push through study after study over many years so that they can try to support their positions.

And supposedly they show that supplementing testosterone to men with low testosterone will help them live longer.

They also supposedly suffer less cardiovascular disease.

Now, there is no question that testosterone replacement therapy raises testosterone levels.

But does supplementing with testosterone actually help a man live longer and be happier?

Or are there risks to testosterone therapy that outweigh the benefits?

Let me give you an analogy here that may help see the problem.

Let’s assume you have a very bad tumor in your body that is making you thinner and thinner.

You are wasting away.

A doctor sees you wasting away, and instead of looking for and treating the cancer, he tells you to eat more.

Now, eating more may, in fact, help you get a little bit fatter and gain a little weight.

But it’s not going to do anything to help the cancer.

In men with low testosterone, something is causing their testosterone levels to be low.

If you just give a man extra testosterone, does this help reduce the problem that caused the low testosterone?

And does supplementing testosterone have the same benefits as natural testosterone?

Does testosterone replacement therapy lower the rate of heart disease and death from heart disease?

After the initial flush of profitability from testosterone, there is finally significant study showing the downside of testosterone supplementation.

This is maybe 15 or 20 years after the introduction of testosterone placement therapy.

And Big Pharma companies made billions and billions a year already.

But we have two very fascinating findings here.

Testosterone patches increase DHT.

Transdermal testosterone elevated serum DHT (5.46-fold) to a greater magnitude than intramuscular testosterone (injections).

This finding is quite striking!

Other than that, the other incredible finding is that elevated DHT levels may lead to stroke and heart disease.

Two studies reported:

significant associations between the serum DHT concentration and both the 10-year rate of incident ischemic stroke and the 9-year rate of incident heart disease and all-cause mortality.

And, that is probably the problem.

Really, it’s one of many problems with supplementing testosterone for most men.

So, you end up with higher, unnatural levels of other downstream hormones.

The body is a carefully balanced hormone environment.

And these elevated hormone levels can cause heart attacks and strokes in men — not to mention other problems.

This is another reason why I feel it is extremely important to get to the cause of low testosterone.

You need to treat the cause, to fix the problem without having to take harmful testosterone therapies.

You don’t want to expose yourself to those testosterone therapy risks if they’re not going to be of any value to you.



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