New Brazilian Discovery: Smaller Belly, Better Erections

New Brazilian Discovery: Smaller Belly, Better Stiffies
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New Brazilian Discovery: Smaller Belly, Better Erections

People have been cultivating grapes for at least 6,000 years. But it took this Brazilian discovery to see how grapes, fat, and erections are all related.

Let me explain.

A number of countries with relatively high wine consumption have better health outcomes than otherwise expected.

In the case of France, people call this “the French Paradox.”

But personally, I don’t drink wine. I don’t drink any alcohol. So I had a question:

Are the benefits of wine also available from non-fermented grapes?

Animal research on grape juice indicates that this may be the case.

It seems that grape juice can reduce body weight and abdominal fat – and protect the heart.

Biochemical and Physiological Parameters in Rats Fed with High-Fat Diet: The Protective Effect of Chronic Treatment with Purple Grape Juice

For this study, the scientists carried out animal experiments at the Centro Universitário Metodista in Brazil. They published the results in the journal Beverages.

A high intake of dietary fat is associated with heart disease and obesity.

But in France, where wine is a staple, the incidence of heart disease and obesity are lower than expected.

Some researchers believe it is the phenolic compounds in grapes that confer health benefits.

“Consumption of grapes and their byproducts containing phenolic compounds has been reported due to the benefits they produce for human health.”

So these researchers set up an experiment to see the effect of grape juice on health problems caused by a high-fat diet.

“We investigated chronic intake of grape juice on certain biochemical and physiological changes promoted by the consumption of a high-fat diet.”

The researchers used four groups of ten rats.

They gave the groups of rats different combinations of diet and grape juice.

Some rats got a normal diet and some got a high-fat diet.

The researchers tested conventional grape juice and organic grape juice too.

“Rats received a standard or high-fat diet and/or conventional grape juice or organic grape juice for three months.”

They looked at food intake, body weight, fat, and health markers.

“Dietary intake, body weight gain, cardiometabolic parameters, and serum lipid peroxidation were investigated.”

Lipid peroxidation is the degradation of fats in the body.

It creates substances that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The animals supplemented with grape juice (but not a high-fat diet) ate less.

“Consumption of grape juice changed the pattern of food and drink intake in the animals.”

The animals given grape juice along with a standard diet lost weight compared to the other animals.

“There was a reduction in the body weight of animals that consumed grape juices.”

The high-fat diet increased body weight and belly fat.

“The high-fat diet increased abdominal fat and the abdominal fat/weight ratio.”

Grape juice protected against body weight gain and abdominal fat gain from the high-fat diet.

“Grape juices prevented these modifications.”

And grape juice seems to protect the cardiovascular system too.

Thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) are substances created by the degradation of fat.

They increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The high-fat diet increased these heart-damaging substances.

“The high-fat diet increased thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS).”

Grape juice protected against the increase in these heart-damaging substances.

“Conventional grape juice and organic grape juice prevented this increase.”

So there you go: Grape juice is protective against the modern high-fat diet.

“The consumption of purple grape juice has the potential to prevent and ameliorate most of the alterations provoked by a high-fat diet.”

Still, the animals who ate a normal diet supplemented with grape juice were much healthier than the animals on the high-fat diet.

Grape juice, or grapes, could provide most of the health benefits that have been associated with wine intake…

…without any of the risks associated with alcohol.

“Therefore, regular intake of grape products could promote beneficial effects.”

A number of other fruits have similar protective polyphenols and show similar results in experiments.

Oranges and grapes are some of the most protective fruits, high in polyphenols.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner by treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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