Men: Avoid these foods to protect your manhood

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Research shows that these foods cause widespread inflammation in a man’s body, even the penis…

—-Important Message—-

Food Warning to Men: I found this additive in virtually all foods in the US food supply

For the first time ever, I’m blowing the lid off this well-kept secret…

It’s about how virtually every food is intentionally and knowingly contaminated with a toxic chemical…

And this toxic chemical radically increases cancer, heart disease, even erectile dysfunction…

You won’t find this ingredient listed on product labels unless you know where to look and how to read the label…

It’s the most dangerous additive and you should avoid ANY food that has it…

I made this video to show you how to find the additive on the label – and what foods to avoid…


Men: Avoid These Foods to Protect Your Manhood

“I’d like the 2 for $5 Quarter Pounder with Cheese special…”

Judging by the lines at most drive-through restaurants and what I see in grocery carts, most people don’t think twice about ordering whatever the deal is from their favorite fast-food restaurant…

Or about cracking a frozen meal into a skillet… Or scarfing down cookies with “cream” filling.

(What’s in that shelf-stable “cream” filling anyway??? It can’t be good!)

The problem is that most of this food is highly processed and full of suspect ingredients…

In other words, it’s fake food.

An occasional fake food item probably isn’t too bad for you…

But the amount of processed foods in the diets of people in wealthy countries is on the CRAZY side.

And those foods are starting to cause MAJOR health problems.

In my opinion, diseases such as cancer, diabetes – and many gut issues – are aggravated by the lousy food we eat.

I’m pretty sure that’s what explains this CRAZY rise in colorectal cancer in young people who live in places where fake food is readily available.

Colorectal cancer is on the rise in young people.

It’s rare for people under the age of 50 to get colorectal cancer.

But it’s not unheard of.

And the incidence of colorectal cancer is growing dramatically in young people – particularly people under the age of 30.

“Increases in the incidence among adults under 50 were most pronounced for rectal cancer, particularly in the 20-29 age group, where rectal cancer incidence increased annually by 18.1% in Denmark and 10.6% in Norway over the past decade.”

It’s a weird statistic and one that makes me wonder what’s going on.

The scientists think it’s driven in part by poor diet.

And I agree with them completely.

“This rise in incidence among younger generations is likely to be driven in part by the changing prevalence of risk factors – such as obesity and poor diet.”

What we eat DIRECTLY affects our health.

And there are ingredients, even simple foods like bread, that can disrupt the entire gastrointestinal tract.

They’re called emulsifiers and they are in LOTS of the foods we eat.

“…agents that disrupt mucus–bacterial interactions (emulsifiers) might have the potential to promote diseases associated with gut inflammation.”

“Consequently, it has been hypothesized that emulsifiers, detergent-like molecules that are a ubiquitous component of processed foods and that can increase bacterial translocation across epithelia in vitro, might be promoting the increase in inflammatory bowel disease observed since the mid-twentieth century.”

Do you see that?

Emulsifiers are linked to inflammatory bowel disease.

And they’re in EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

“Emulsifier food additives play an important role in the manufacture of food products such as margarine, mayonnaise, creamy sauces, candy, many packaged processed foods, confections and a range of bakery products…”

That means that most people are eating stuff on a regular basis that causes bowel inflammation.

From bread to salad dressing, these ingredients are in a huge amount of the products that most people eat on a regular basis.

Do you know what else is linked to inflammation of the bowel?

If you guessed colorectal cancer, you’d be 100% right.

All of our body systems are interconnected.

And when we start getting inflammation going on in the body because we’re eating things that disrupt our gut, we are much more likely to get sick from a variety of diseases – including colorectal cancer.

What that means is that taking care of our guts needs to be a high priority.

Eating real natural foods such as ripe fruit and well-cooked vegetables is a great way to start.

Your gut profoundly influences your health, so what you put into it is super important.

If you eat real food most of the time, you’ll find that you feel much better and your health will start to improve.

A healthy gut will help to keep you healthy!

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