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—-Important Message from Richard La Ruina—-

Here’s why they’re trying to ban the most successful seduction guru in the world

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Hi, I’m Richard La Ruina, one of the world’s top dating coaches.

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Soulmate Sequence was pulled at the last minute due to the current climate relating to men and dating which I’m sure you are already aware of.

These feminists didn’t like the idea of men having any kind of “edge” when it comes to dating.

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Urea is an organic compound found widely in nature.

Humans produce a lot of urea in the kidneys. Urine contains a lot of urea.

These days, urea is used in a lot of skin creams – but otherwise it is largely ignored by medicine.

Yet there is a lot of research showing numerous benefits to supplemental urea.

Researchers in Greece have published numerous papers on the anti-cancer effect of extra urea.

In one paper, the researchers described how urea treatment was followed by disappearance of eye cancers.

Other possible treatments would have been much more invasive.

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This human research was carried out at the Hellenic Anticancer Institute in Athens, Greece. The results were published in Ophthalmologica.

This was the second series of experiments using urea on cancers of the eye.

In the prior study, 8 of 9 patients had remission from cancer after urea treatment.

Prior to urea treatment the doctors believed at least 50% of those patients would have required surgery to remove part of, or all of the eye.

These patients all had a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva.

This is technically a type of skin cancer that sometimes affects the outer tissue of the eye.

In 5 patients it had spread to other parts of the eye.

This type of cancer usually requires surgery on the eye followed by cryotherapy to freeze off the last cancerous cells.

It can recur in up to 40% of cases.

In these experiments, the patients were simply treated with topical urea on the affected areas.

“A series of 9 patients with extensive squamous cell carcinomas of the conjunctiva, affecting also the cornea in 5 of them, were treated with local applications of urea.”

The results of those experiments were astonishing for a cheap, relatively safe compound, naturally produced in the body.

“8 out of these 9 patients were cured.”

The later experiments enrolled another nine patients with eye cancers.

They were 3 men and 6 women aged 42 to 80 years.

Treatment involved using painkilling drops and an anti-inflammatory before applying urea directly to the eye.

Tears then form, creating a natural urea solution and the process is repeated 3 to 4 times in 1 procedure.

In cases where the cancer had gotten a little deeper the doctors provided injections of 10% urea to those affected areas.

That was only necessary in 1 of the 9 people in this study.

The treatment is repeated every 2-3 days depending on the inflammation in the tissue.

The researchers found that 3-5 treatment sessions could remove smaller tumors.

Larger tumors simply required more treatments.

When the tumors were gone the patients were given a 10% urea solution to use every day themselves to prevent recurrence of cancer.

These drops do not irritate the eye at all.

In this study – urea cured 8 of 9 cancers.

“We considered our patient completely cured when the tumor had disappeared, the surface of the eye seemed normal, and biopsy findings were negative. 8/9 patients were completely cured.”

This treatment saved the eyes of over half of the patients in the study.

Radiotherapy is so dangerous in these types of cancers that surgery and cryotherapy destroying the eye are often used.

“At least 5 out of the treated patients would have had an enucleation of the globe or an exenteration of the orbit without the urea treatment.”

The patients were followed up for 2 to 4 years. Some had recurrences.

The patients who had recurrence of eye cancer had all stopped using their daily urea solution.

Everyone else remained clear.

In one case, the recurrence was easily treated with urea.

In another case the progression of cancer had gone too far.

Earlier treatment would likely have been effective.

“The reoccurrences appeared in patients who did not follow our advice to apply urea solutions.”

The procedure was considered harmless – all side effects subsiding after 2-3 weeks.

 The researchers believe the treatment could be provided by an eye doctor.

“The treatment is harmless and without any serious side effects. It is simple and can be learned by every ophthalmologist.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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Effects of urea treatment in malignancies of the conjunctiva and cornea.