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Eat this when it’s extra ripe to protect your gut microbiome

Most people assume that a decline in health is inevitable as we age.

But I’ve found that not to be true for everyone.

There are many people that beat the odds and who maintain robust health well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s.

I don’t know about you, but that’s where I want to be.

And you CAN tip the scales in your favor.

One of the VERY BEST things that you can do to protect your health as you age (and really throughout your whole life) is have a healthy gut and digestive system.

A healthy gut promotes good bacteria – what scientists call our microbiome.

These are all the bacteria that live in our stomachs and intestines, and they have an outsized impact on our overall health and well being.

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One of the things that makes me crazy about our current health system…

Is that you rarely hear any doctor talk about how important preventative health care is.

They might give it lip service, but the overall thrust of our healthcare system is recommending treatments and surgery.

The reality is though that taking care of your body BEFORE you get sick can help you prevent loads of chronic “aging” diseases.

It’s not a guarantee…

But making sure your gut is healthy can help prevent nasty illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cancer.

And I’ve even seen people who have these diseases REVERSE them by starting to use measures that PROMOTE gut health.

Reducing inflammation is one of the reasons this happens.

When you reduce chronic inflammation in the body, you reduce overall experience of disease – even into your later years.

You can reduce chronic inflammation by taking care of your gut!

Indoles are known to reduce inflammation in the gut, and chronic inflammation is thought to be a major driver in the progression of aging-related morbidities.

As a side note, reducing chronic inflammation is ALSO great for sexual health in men.

That’s because internal inflammation can dramatically affect the delicate blood vessels in the penis…

And reducing it can increase sexual function.

OK, back to the main topic at hand.

Starting at the age of 40 or 50 humans start to develop more unique patterns in their gut microbiomes.

Those unique patterns are associated with healthier aging.

“Interestingly, this uniqueness pattern appears to start in mid-life — 40-50 years old — and is associated with a clear blood metabolomic signature, suggesting that these microbiome changes may not simply be diagnostic of healthy aging, but that they may also contribute directly to health as we age.”

It’s important to pay attention to gut health throughout your life.

Because that will often be enough to dramatically reduce health problems and give you a chance at a much better quality of life as you age.

This analysis highlights the fact that the adult gut microbiome continues to develop with advanced age in healthy individuals, but not in unhealthy ones, and that microbiome compositions associated with health in early-to-mid adulthood may not be compatible with health in late adulthood.

The good news here is that gut health is well within your control.

Personally, I eat LOTS of ripe fruit, which really helps with a healthy gut.

And not to be indelicate, but I also make sure I’m having healthy bowel movements a couple of times a day.

Don’t ever underestimate how important gut health is to your overall health.

It can make a HUGE difference.

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This patches up a leaky gut while cleaning out toxins from the ENTIRE body (even the penis)

I’ve found a way to fix the gut that gives erections a big boost.

It works by scrubbing the body of endotoxins.

Endotoxins are all the bacteria, viruses, and fungi swimming around in our gut that leaks out into the body when you have a leaky gut.

These endotoxins travel all over and infect other organs, even the penis.

So if you get rid of these endotoxins, the whole body benefits, not just the gut.

And libido and erections are two of the biggest benefactors when you clean out the gut this way…


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