This one bad habit can make your testicles shrink

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This one bad habit can make your testicles shrink

Testicles produce sperm – which contains all of the male genetic material for producing future generations. 

They also produce testosterone – one of the most important male hormones.

Testicles are some of the most important parts of the male body…

Yet they are situated outside of the body, unprotected and open to all sorts of danger.

The reason for this is cooling. 

For testicles to work properly they need to operate a little bit below “body temperature”.

Over the vast majority of human history, men would have spent most of their waking hours on their feet. 

But this has changed in the last few decades.

And we have discovered that sitting for long periods of time has profound and detrimental effects on the testicles. 

It interferes with the production of healthy sperm and drops testosterone levels.

Researchers believe the increased heat on the testicles during sitting is what causes these problems.

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This study was carried out at Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Poland. The findings were published in Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica.

Sitting for long periods is a particular problem for men because it overheats the testicles.

“Jobs that enforce a sedentary lifestyle and are frequently associated with testicular overheat deserve special attention with respect to male fertility.”

One element of fertility is with respect to the DNA integrity of sperms.

Decreased DNA integrity means sperm cannot transmit information needed to produce viable offspring.

Numerous animal experiments have shown that increasing the heat of the testicles causes degeneration of sperm DNA integrity. 

So these researchers were interested in looking at the effect of excessive sitting on this marker of fertility.

“The harmful effect of testicular heat stress on sperm characteristics as well characterised, however, the influence of sedentary work on sperm DNA integrity has not yet been documented.”

To find out more, the researchers analyzed sperm of 252 men. 

The men were split into two similar sized groups according to how much time they spent sitting during the work day.

“We assessed men who spend more than 50% of their time at work in a sedentary position with men who spent less than 50% of the time at work in a sedentary position.”

Men who spent more time at work sitting had decreased sperm DNA integrity.

“The men who spent at least 50% of their work time in a sedentary position had greater sperm nuclear DNA fragmentation.”

Men who spend more of their time sitting had about a 30% increase in damaged sperm.

A number of other studies found no relationship between general sperm quality and a sedentary lifestyle. 

But this DNA study throws all of that out the window.

It doesn’t matter how many sperm you produce or how strong they swim…

…if they don’t have the ability to transmit DNA information properly.

“Despite lack of association between sedentary work and conventional semen characteristics, our study revealed the detrimental effect of seated work on sperm nuclear DNA integrity.”

Simply splitting men into 2 groups depending on whether they sat for more than half the day or not…

…was able to identify a doubling of high-level sperm DNA damage.

“A sedentary job doubled the risk of high levels of sperm DNA damage.”

Of course, whenever you have something which affects fertility you will find other effects on overall health. 

Fertility is the canary in the coal mine.

It’s a critical health marker – even for those who don’t wish to have children in future.

Excess sitting is associated with numerous other health problems – some of which may also be due to testicular overheating. 

For example, 1 study found that men who watch more than 5 hours of television per day…

…had much lower testosterone than men who did not sit watching television.

We don’t know all of the reasons why sitting lowers fertility and testosterone…

But we are certain that increased heat does impair the function of the testicles.

Stand more — get an adjustable height desk so you can alternate between sitting and standing if you can’t stand all day.

If that’s not possible, get up and walk around every so often…

And think about wearing clothes which keep your testicles cooler.

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