Citrus peel prevents obesity

Citrus peel prevents obesity

Why marmalade is the new superfood.

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Citrus peel prevents obesity

Many men want to lose weight to improve their health and appearance.

But how many people know that marmalade could help you reach your weight loss goals?

Yet another study shows that compounds in the skins of citrus fruit have anti-obesity effects.

Citrus peel extracts attenuated obesity and modulated gut microbiota in a high-fat diet-induced obesity mice

This animal study was conducted at the Institute of Food Sciences and Technology, National Taiwan University in Taiwan. The results were published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The scientists created two different extracts from citrus peel.

These extracts had different levels of compounds naturally found in citrus peel.

Five-week-old mice were fed a high-fat diet in which 45% of energy was from fat.

(This diet was designed to make the animals obese.)

Two groups of mice on the high-fat diet were also supplemented with one or the other of the two citrus peel extracts.

“We investigated the anti-obesity effects of two citrus peel extracts prepared by extraction in a high-fat-diet-induced obese animal model.”

The study found that one of the citrus peel extracts was very effective in minimizing fat gain from the high-fat diet.

“This extract decreased fat content and alleviated body weight gain, white adipose tissue weight, and fat cell size in obese mice.”

Rodents fed a normal diet weighed in at an average of 27.3 g at the end of the study.

Rodents on the high-fat diet (without citrus) weighed in at 30.7 g.

“High-fat-fed mice weighed 30.7 g, significantly heavier than the lower-fat group at 27.3 g.”

Mice in the high-fat group supplemented with citrus peel extract weighed only 27.6 g – almost the same as mice on the normal diet.

(All the animals ate the same amount of food.)

“In the [high-fat-and-citrus] treatment group, the average body weight of 27.6 g was significantly lower than in the high-fat-diet group with the same food intake.”

Citrus peel extract blocked most of the potential weight gain from the high-fat diet.

The relative weight gained by the non-citrus-treated mice came almost entirely from fat.

“The results show that citrus peel extract could statistically significantly decrease the body fat ratio versus the high-fat diet group [with no citrus].”

The authors conclude that compounds in citrus peel could be helpful for weight loss.

And it sounds like they want to develop a supplement.

“Citrus peel extracts could be considered as a nutraceutical agent for obesity management.”

This study used extracts from the peel of aged citrus fruits.

The authors don’t give up information about which citrus fruit they used in the study.

But they do mention that aged tangerine has many of the beneficial compounds.

Tangerine is a type of orange.

The dried peel of oranges has been used in China for at least 700 years both as a flavoring and as a traditional Chinese medicine.

The practice of making Chenpi (dried citrus peels) was probably developed in order to prevent the valuable peels from rotting – for storage.

So there is no reason to believe that citrus peels need to be dried to be beneficial.

Chenpi does give a signature flavor – it’s used in famous dishes such as orange chicken.

Fresh citrus peels are difficult to digest and should not be eaten raw.

But there are easy ways to get access to the health-giving compounds in citrus peels.

Probably the best way to get these beneficial citrus flavonoids is by eating the cooked peels found in marmalade.

So…gobble up the orange or lime marmalade…

It will contain large amounts of the compounds that studies like this have shown to be beneficial.

Just be sure to source marmalade that is free of nasty gums and thickeners.

These additives can cause problems in the gut and cancel any benefits of citrus peel.

You should see a healthcare professional about treating and diagnosing obesity-related health problems.

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