Study: A fatty food that helps you LOSE fat

It seems weird and crazy, but eating this delicious fatty food speeds up fat loss — here’s why…

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Study: A fatty food that helps you LOSE fat

Eating a lot of fat can cause serious health problems.

Human and animal studies show that diets high in fat increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

But some studies analyzing diets with high intakes of cheese fat are surprising.

That research indicates that cheese fat may be different.

Recently, researchers conducted experiments using different types of fats in lab animals.

They found that cheese fat is indeed different.

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These animal experiments took place at the Centre des Sciences du Goût et de l’Alimentation in France. International Dairy Journal published the results.

We all know that fats have been linked to a number of common chronic diseases.

“Their consumption is associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases mainly linked to the increase of serum cholesterol concentration.”

But research looking at cheese fat shows a different story, health-wise.

“Recent studies do not show negative effects of cheese intake on cholesterol anemia or metabolic syndrome.”

To learn more about the effects of cheese fat, the researchers created an animal experiment.

40 rats were assigned to five groups, with eight rats in each group.

One group of rats got a normal diet.

The remaining four groups of rats got a higher-fat diet (twice that of the control group diet).

They gave the four high-fat groups fat from different sources.

“The study compared the effect of diets of equal calcium and fat content from pressed-cooked cheese, butter, palm oil, or a chow diet.”

The researchers tracked levels of body fat in the animals.

They also looked at blood lipids and how much fat the animals were passing in their waste.

“We compared the effects of the diets on blood lipids, fecal fat excretion, and body composition in the rats.”

Most of the rats on the high-fat diets gained body fat in comparison to animals fed the normal rat diet.

“Rats fed with high-fat diet provided by vegetable oil and butter gained fat as compared with controls.”

Not so with the rats on the cheese variation of the high-fat diet…

Animals eating cheese fat did not gain body weight compared to the animals eating the normal diet.

“Animals eating pressed cooked cheese did not gain weight compared with the control group.”

All of the other higher-fat groups gained weight compared to the control group.

But not the cheese group!

The rats on the cheese variant of the diet didn’t gain body fat.

“Despite a high consumption of fat, animals in the cheese group did not accumulate fat compared with the control group.”

Cheese was the only type of fat that protected against fat gain.

Before the study began, the researchers suspected that the high calcium content in cheese may protect against metabolic problems like fat gain.

The diets used in this study all contain equal amounts of calcium.

So, really, the researchers had already shown that the weight maintenance effect of cheese fat is not due to calcium.

The research backs up a large body of evidence showing an anti-obesity effect from dairy foods – even in children.

“This was in agreement with meta-analyses suggesting that intake of milk and dairy products was associated with reduced risk of childhood obesity.”

According to my research, a lower-fat diet is better for health.

But perhaps the bulk of dietary fat should come from dairy sources such as cheese.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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Effect of a diet supplemented with fat from pressed-cooked cheese, butter or palm oil on blood lipids, faecal fat excretion and body composition of rats