This fruit linked to heart disease and anxiety

And study after study is showing how anxiety and heart disease shares a link with this fruit…

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This fruit linked to heart disease and anxiety

I know it’s weird to think that “rockiness” problems, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and dementia all have a common cause…

But they do.

And that is internal inflammation.

What is internal inflammation?

It’s a flare up of your immune system in a negative, bad way.

It increases swelling of the brain and tissues.

It makes your body hold more water…sometimes 20 pounds of water weight making a man look fat…

…and it can lead to heart disease, congestive heart failure, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure that calls for many pills (that cause “rockiness” problems).

So it’s wonderful that there may be a natural remedy for internal inflammation…

In this study, they link inflammation to both heart disease and depression as the common instigating factor.

And that’s because when your body systems become inflamed they don’t operate correctly.

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Internal inflammation – the common cause for most chronic diseases

Internal inflammation is an important immune response and can protect your body from disease and irritants.

But when the inflammation gets out of control then you end up with chronic illnesses like the ones I mentioned above.

Researchers are now uncovering these links more and more (even though I’ve been talking about this stuff for YEARS).

According to Dr. Golam Khandaker, one of the study’s authors:

“It is possible that heart disease and depression share common underlying biological mechanisms, which manifest as two different conditions in two different organs – the cardiovascular system and the brain… Our work suggests that inflammation could be a shared mechanism for these conditions.”

In this case, the researchers are linking heart problems and depression to a common cause – internal inflammation.

They’ve known for a long time that these two conditions were related, but couldn’t quite figure out how.

One reason for not seeing the connection before is that we’ve only recently developed more sophisticated tools to do it.

But… It’s also because of how Western medicine is set up.

We have heart doctors and brain doctors and they view their specialties as completely separate.

Because of that, not much unifying research actually gets done.

Thankfully, that’s starting to change.

Fatty acids helped cause the inflammation.

The researchers took a look at 15 biomarkers to find out where the inflammation was coming from.

This allowed them to rule out other factors and focus on the biological causes.

“They used a technique known as Mendelian randomization to investigate 15 biomarkers – biological ‘red flags’ – associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease. Mendelian randomization is a statistical technique that allows researchers to rule out the influence of factors that otherwise confuse, or confound, a study, such as social status.”

It turned out that blood fat in the form of triglycerides was a MAJOR driver of internal inflammation.

“Of these common biomarkers, they found that triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood) and the inflammation-related proteins IL-6 and CRP were also risk factors for depression.”

This is a BIG reason that I recommend and follow a low-fat diet…

While good fats like butter and coconut oil are protective, they still cause problems when there is too much of them in the diet.

And you should NEVER, ever eat PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) such as corn oil, canola oil, soy oil, vegetable oil, and fish oil.

PUFAs CAUSE internal inflammation, which in turn causes all these other health problems.

You can help prevent internal inflammation by eating a lot of ripe fruit.

Can’t get ripe fruit?

Cooking frozen fruit you buy at the market is really good for you as well.


Because fruit can increase the supply of key carbohydrates and compounds to your body — which it turns into energy.

But only ripe fruit, or cooked fruit, has this quality.

Ripe or cooked fruit can defeat internal inflammation associated with aging.

If you get the inflammation under control, the diseases will often reverse themselves automatically.

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Inflammation links heart disease and depression

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