Why are these men experiencing fantastic penile sensitivity?

Why are these men experiencing fantastic penile sensitivity?

Some men are almost numb down there… But not these men…

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Here’s the activity that can add 27 years of active sexy life

I’ve been super-happy since I stopped trying to be happy.

And I’ve been super-fit since I stopped worrying about working out.

But the two together – happiness and BEING fit – you can’t beat it. And today I want to show you how you can have it ALL.

The trouble is, between kids, grandkids, work, bills, and stuff that “has to be done”…

It’s easy to get caught up in the BUSY of doing – and just never QUITE get to happiness.

But happiness (according to science) is something you can develop a lifestyle around – if you want to.

There are several factors that relate to happiness…

Exercise, mindfulness, and thankfulness – all of those are linked to being happy.

A Systematic Review of the Relationship Between Physical Activity and Happiness

Move that body.

For a long time, we’ve known that exercise helps to alleviate depression.

But the scientists weren’t sure if it actually produced happiness – which is quite different from just not being depressed.

So they designed a study to see if physical activity does translate into higher levels of happiness.

“Weiyun Chen, University of Michigan associate professor in kinesiology, wanted to know if exercise increased positive mental health in the same way it reduced negative mental health…”

And the scientists actually found a remarkable correlation between happiness and exercise.

Every single study they looked at showed that physical activity has an association with being happy.

“Chen and co-author Zhanjia Zhang, a doctoral student, reviewed 23 studies on happiness and physical activity. The 15 observational studies all showed a positive direct or indirect association between happiness and exercise.”

And the cool thing is that even a small increase in physical activity can pay huge dividends in happiness.

That means that if you’re a complete couch potato right now, simply taking a 10-minute walk every day at lunch can make you feel happier.

“Our findings suggest the physical activity frequency and volume are essential factors in the relationship between physical activity and happiness… More importantly, even a small change of physical activity makes a difference in happiness.”

For maximum happiness, aim for about 20 minutes a day of physical activity.

Remarkably, it doesn’t seem to matter if you are exercising for 20 minutes a day, 40 minutes a day, or more.

The level of happiness you get from physical activity seems to level off at the 20 minutes a day mark.

“Several studies found that happiness levels were the same whether people exercised 150-300 minutes a week, or more than 300 minutes a week.”

To avoid sexual side effects, try physical activity before antidepressants.

Antidepressants can be helpful for some people, but they also come with a ton of Big Pharma side effects…

…including erectile dysfunction and lower sex drive.

Personally, I would try exercise before I would go on antidepressants.

Yes, exercise not only helps with happiness but also with ED and sex drive.

So, you get a lot of return for the effort you put in.

And who doesn’t want a strong sex drive and strong erections?

A few ideas to get more physical activity into your life:

I’ve helped a lot of guys get more active, and one thing that I can say for sure is that you’ll be more likely to do it if you enjoy doing it.

So, think about things in the past that you enjoyed that got you physically active.

Perhaps you can join an intramural league for a sport you used to play… Or maybe you like to hike or kayak.

Whatever you enjoy – from walking the dog to taking yoga classes (and there are lots of pretty women in many yoga classes – plan an activity you like.

Single guys report especially great results with ballroom dancing classes.

This gets you physically active and lets you hold different women as you get to learn the dance moves.

And don’t think it’s all old ladies showing up to these classes, a lot of attractive younger women go to them as well – and there are nearly always more women than men!

Another tip is to make sure you pencil your workout into your schedule.

By planning when you will work out, you’ll be more likely to do it.

Without a plan, it will probably just all fall through. So make a plan!

Getting more physically active has all kinds of health benefits… So make it fun and make it interesting.

You’ll get happier and have better sex in the process.

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