Using NAD+ to reduce symptoms of aging and feel 20 years younger

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This supplement works by improving cellular energy production

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Using NAD+ to reduce symptoms of aging and feel 20 years younger

Chronological age is determined by years.

Biological age is far more important — and not quite so rigid.

Many people die “of old age” well before they reach 90. But other 90-year-olds are sharp and vibrant.

The reason for this is differences in metabolic health which control biological aging.

As we age, it becomes more likely that our cells cannot supply enough energy to keep us healthy — this causes disease and death.

People who are better able to supply energy to their bodies live longer and age far slower.

One of the most difficult “aging processes” to slow or reverse is reproductive capacity.

Particularly in older females, it has been almost impossible to fight the passing of time. Until now.

In the last couple of years, researchers have been able to reverse age-related infertility in female mice. 

They did this by giving them supplements which improve cellular energy production.

The factors at work here are relevant to humans, both men and women — and there are easily available supplements which can improve energy production in the same way.

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The experiments were carried out at the School of Medical Sciences, UNSW Sydney in Australia. The findings were published in the journal Cell Reports.

Many people believe that aging can be slowed or reversed.

Even animal researchers did not believe that they could reverse one of the “toughest” problems of aging — loss of fertility.

Loss of fertility is tricky in males and females — but it’s agreed that this problem is far more difficult in females.

“Reproductive aging in female mammals is an irreversible process associated with declining oocyte quality, which is the rate limiting factor in fertility.”

Oocytes are female gametes, immature eggs. Once they “dry up” it’s over, or so it seemed.

The first part of this research was a search to see whether there is any relationship between loss of female fertility and changes in energy production in older animals.

The researchers looked at the levels of NAD +. This is a substance produced by the body which is essential for the production of energy.

Older animals had lower levels of NAD + and this was associated with infertility.

“We found that the loss of oocyte quality with age accompanies the climbing levels of the prominent metabolic factor NAD +.”

The loss of NAD + and other energetic cofactors are responsible for many of the changes we call aging.

The researchers then asked whether increasing levels of NAD + could have an effect on loss of fertility.

They gave the animals a supplement which boosts NAD +.

The researchers were amazed to find that boosting NAD + could restore fertility in female rodents.

This is believed by many to be impossible.

“Treatment with an NAD + precursor rejuvenates oocyte quality in aged animals.”

The researchers restored fertility in previously infertile old animals.

“The NAD + precursor led to a restoration of fertility.

As this was thought to be impossible, the researchers wanted to double check the results.

To do this, they carried out some experiments on genetic mutant mice.

These mice had genetic mutations which made them unable to generate NAD +.

The energy boosting supplements failed to restore fertility in these mutant animals — proving that NAD + was the factor at play.

Boosting cellular energy not only allowed previously infertile animals to become pregnant, it also prevented age-related developmental changes which increase in pregnancies of older females.

“The benefits of boosting NAD + extend to the developing embryo, where supplementation reverses the adverse effects of maternal age on developmental milestones.” 

The researchers concluded that boosting NAD + can reverse even the most difficult problems of aging.

“These findings suggest that late life restoration of NAD + represents an opportunity to rescue female reproductive function in mammals.”

This research used a relatively new supplement called nicotinamide mononucleotide to boost NAD +.

But this can also be achieved with a supplement that has been available for decades — something called niacinamide.

There are already incredible ways to slow aging.

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