This stops male hormones from converting to estrogen

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Keeps testosterone, DHEA, and DHT levels high

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This stops male hormones from converting to estrogen

Androgens, or the “male hormones” like testosterone, DHEA, and DHT have long since been the principal culprits in several degenerative conditions.

This is, of course, nonsense and has only become part of the cultural zeitgeist because these hormones are often found to be “elevated” in various pathological conditions.

Obviously, this glosses over the fact that the healthiest people (e.g., young people) have the highest levels of these hormones.

In fact, testosterone and other “androgens” are best thought of as protective substances, because that’s what they are.

The research is clear: androgens like DHT are inversely correlated with diabetes.

Diabetes involves a problem with glucose utilization and so-called ‘’insulin resistance.”

DHT, like testosterone and DHEA, is simply a hormone which acts as a physiological regulator. 

In other words, they aim to restore metabolic and physiological functioning.

DHT in particular, is an even more potent hormone because it cannot be aromatized to estrogen, contrary to testosterone.

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In older men, its effect are strictly positive against diabetes:

“Among older men, higher levels of DHT were inversely associated with insulin resistance and risk of diabetes over the ensuing 10 years, whereas levels of T were not. Future studies are still needed to clarify the role of SHBG in risk of diabetes in this population.’’ – Joyce et al. (2017)

Another youth hormone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is associated with reduced visceral fat and better insulin sensitivity.

“In this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 6 months of DHEA replacement therapy, we found that DHEA induced significant decreases in both visceral and subcutaneous fat in elderly men and women. The DHEA replacement also resulted in a significant improvement in insulin action that correlated with the reduction in visceral fat.’’ – Villareal & Holloszy

In other words, individuals with higher levels DHEA and DHT have less belly fat, and can utilize glucose better, and thus have better energy levels.

This shouldn’t be surprising if we think about the fact that these hormones are abundant in youth, and decline with age.

However, this decline doesn’t have to be unopposed.

Resistance training, sunshine exposure, avoidance of toxins, nutritionally replete diet, stress reduction, sleep, etc. are all factors which will help optimize hormonal levels, even with aging.

Supplementing with conservative amounts of DHEA or DHT, or maybe even small amounts of testosterone to prevent aromatization…

Can also help support a good state of health and reduce the risk of diabetes and other common metabolic symptoms.

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This prevents aromatization — boosts testosterone, DHEA, DHT and lowers estrogen

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With aromatization, all of the important male hormones are getting turned into estrogen and prolactin…

And that’s really bad for a man’s health.

But when you drink this simple broth, you naturally slow down aromatase…

So testosterone STAYS testosterone…

DHEA stays DHEA…

And estrogen levels plummet!

Here’s the broth you drink to stop aromatization and keep male hormones high



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