How to feel 58 when you are 100 years old

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Live to 100 or beyond with great health and sex

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How to feel 58 when you are 100 years old

There are certain people who don’t have general decline as they age.

They can be very, very old and still be quite young in their bodies.

The key seems to be, surprisingly, in stopping the aging in the brain.

Yes, the brain is the key to staying young as you grow old.

Some men’s brains act like the brains of young people. These folks are called superagers.

‘Superagers’ who performed a challenging memory task in an MRI scanner were able to learn and recall new information as well as 25-year-old participants.

Personally, I am a superager and have, if anything, a stronger brain than I did 20 years ago…and I plan to continue having a stronger and younger brain as I approach 100, 110 and 120.

So, any kind of information that comes out that can tell me how to better keep my brain functioning at peak efficiency is going to be something I’m interested in.

The problem is that as we age, our brains typically degrade.

As we age, our brains typically undergo a slow process of atrophy, causing less robust communication between various brain regions, which leads to declining memory and other cognitive functions. 

However, as the superagers prove, this isn’t inevitable.

So how does this select group of people manage this incredible outcome of having the brain of a 25 year old well into their 60s, 70s, and 80s?

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This is a study coming out of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

They identified folks who were 65 and older and who scored remarkably well on memory tests.

Then they took a look at their brains under an MRI while doing memory problems.

“Using MRI, we found that the structure of superagers’ brains and the connectivity of their neural networks more closely resemble the brains of young adults; superagers had avoided the brain atrophy typically seen in older adults,” says Touroutoglou.

What they found was that the brains of superagers closely resembled the brains of young adults in the connectivity and neural networks.

Specifically they found a function called selectivity to be very strong.

“In the visual cortex, there are populations of neurons that are selectively involved in processing different categories of images, such as faces, houses or scenes.”

Much of the time during the aging process the selectivity gets less and less.

During aging, this selectivity, called neural differentiation, diminishes and the group of neurons that once responded primarily to faces now activates for other images.

But superagers didn’t have this same degradation of brain patterns.

“The superagers had maintained the same high level of neural differentiation, or selectivity, as a young adult,” says Katsumi.

I think it’s important to remember here that the brain is extremely malleable.

In a function called neuroplasticity you can always be building brand new neural connections and pathways.

Which means that just like making sure you maintain lean mass as you age, that you can also work out your brain to keep your brain younger.

Previous studies have shown that training can increase the selectivity of brain regions, which may be a potential intervention to delay or prevent the decline in neural differentiation in normal aging adults and make their brains more like those of superagers.

Ultimately, while aging happens to everyone we have FAR more control over both how long we live and how well we live in those years than most people think.

So… if you have a choice (and you do) then why not live a life that is full of abundant health, plenty of great sex, and a brain that functions extremely well into your old age?

If superagers can do it, then you have a good chance of doing it too!

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